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Ataxia at the age of 27

hello my name is Harsh Joshi, i am from Mumbai, India. i am suffering from CA since almost 2 years now. I am married, can this disorder be any reason for my seperation, what are the chances that if we plan to have a child that child will also not suffer from Ataxia. Please let me know your valuable inputs on the same,

Thanks in advacne,


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This is a hard one because it very much depends on your attitude to the disease and also your wife’s and how bad you are. Ataxia does put an added strain on a relationship but if it is strong it can cope. IF your ataxia is in your family and caused by a faulty gene, then there is a 50% chance of passing it on. I inherited my ataxia from my Dad and both of my children have a 50% chance of having inherited the faulty gene off me. This can be hard to live with. My ataxia does not start till you are in your 40s, so they would not test my children. It may be different in India though. My children are in their 20s now and can be tested but at the moment their attitude is if they have inherited ataxia there is no point worrying about it yet and get on with their lives. You can die of many things before it starts and we all have to die of something.

Hope this helps and is not too waffly :)

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Hi Harsh_Joshi

I think Lit's post is excellent. Do you know the cause of your ataxia?



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