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I was diagnosed with CA in 2011 still don't know what type yet. When I first found out depression hit me like a ton of bricks so had quite abit of time off work, I was working in a call centre which I couldn't do anymore because of my speech so was taken down the capability route but they soon found a job for me. Last year I found out that my anti-depressants were damaging my liver so had to come straight off them which has finally led me to basically not wanting to live anymore ! A year later I am getting some help but again had a lot of time off work, they now want to go down the capability route again! I don't know how I stand at this point. I need to work and want to but my body lately is not working how I want it to. I am quite worried as only recently moved to a bigger house so it can be adapted for my needs. Any advice would be very welcomed xxx

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Unfortunately there are no clear answers to Ataxia. writing down your problems does help and when you feel really down, just try to think of happy times you have had in your life You don't mention your age or whether you are married etc If there is a group

near you try and contact them Do you get the Ataxia magazine? they will put you in touch with the local group By meeting other 'Ataxians' you may pall up with some-one

there who you could E Mail By all means give your E mail address if you want but that is up to you Keep smiling Ted


hi have you contacted access to work, we have it in northeast and they helped my partner to remain in work helping him with adaptions in the workplace and eventually support worker so he could continue working. It might help to look at what benefits you would get as well if you do have to leave work as this was a major worry for us when he had to leave work but it helped to know exactly what we could claim and speak to citizens advice they can give you some idea, Partner reduced his hours which helped when he found he was becoming too tired to work all day.

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I really feel for you Wendygirl. I too had similar problems with work. Unfortunately for me though when I worked as a Residential Child Care Worker my employer could not find me an alternative position and I had to give my job up. I then found other less physical jobs where eventually I was made redundant due to ill health.

I now no longer work and my income has been significantly reduced but I feel much safer and less stressed. For me, my mental state and other health issues are more important to me than money can buy.

Why not write down a list of of the pros and cons of working and not working and then make a decision of what is best for you?


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