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Weird Pain!

Has anybody else experienced weird pains? I have had a shooting pain down my right side a couple of times now. Doesn't last long (it's like a shooting pain) and there are no other symptoms - although last time I did feel a bit weak on the right for a while). The only lasting effect of this is that I feel more wiped out than usual!

I know we all have very different experiences but wondered if this was just another manifestation?

On another note, is anyone aware of any Ataxia support groups in the Hertfordshire area? Ataxia UK did provide me an email address for a mid-Herts group but I got no response from that.

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Dear Jay, I have experienced weird pains and attribute them to my ataxia, as my muscles are stiff and it effects my posture, etc. I think they happen sometimes due to the wy I carry myself. I live in the US, in the State of Michigan, so I can't answer the second part of your post..., ;o)


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