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JUST Sometimes BRAIN Disfunction Can Be A Good Thing

Said that NUT to the Fruit cake and pulled a nifty little card out of his wallet

Can you spot the mistake ...

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Stumped :-) xB

Yeah got it. Have another look Beryl - you can find it!!!! :) Alison

Found it - but it to took two looks at it. :-)

That was hard. Looked and looked but now I've found it can't believe I missed it, sticks out like a sore thumb. But sure it wasn't there when I first looked!!

But why is it good to have brain dysfunction? How does it help?

Spoiler alert you will kick yourself when you spot it..

Yep x

Got it - not at first glance though.



Just goes to show we don't read things properly. I only spotted it second time round as well

I thought it was going to be in the numbers.

I was always told to read things twice when at school. I didn't listen then either, lol, :)


Berejena x

Found it now Ahhhh

Berejena x

Ahh found it x

:-) easy