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Being Referd To A Nuroligest Re Cerebellar Disfunction

Being Referd To A Nuroligest Re Cerebellar Disfunction

Hi i was just at doc's today regarding few issues i have been having of late.

I have both restrictive and obstructive lung diease as if ant that bad enough

But today i failed the GP's Cerebellar test even fell over

I just wanted to know is it usual to feel freezing and the cold

Also as anyone been on this antibiotic AZITHROMYCIN as am sure they have caused this Cerebellar Disfunction .. well hope its disfunction as i was also exposed to asbestos

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Hi D3NIS :-)

As if you aren't challenged enough :-(

I'm Idiopathic SCA, and am currently having chemo for breast cancer.

At Christmas I was in hospital with a high temp and unknown infection.

They pumped me full of antibiotics, which worked. But couldn't find the

source of the infection.

Unfortunately I've disposed of the antibiotic packaging and the oncologist

hasn't specified the type in my copy letter to the GP. However he is aware

of my pre-existing condition.

The high fever caused me to feel freezing.

One of the common symptoms of SCA is to occasionally feel too hot or too

cold. It's easier to cool off, getting warm is another matter entirely :-)

I had a Tilt Table Test at the Falls and Syncopy Dept, this caused my legs to

buckle completely and led to an MRI , which showed Cerebellar Atrophy.

Best regards:-) xB


Hi wobblybee thanks for ya reply .. truly sorry to read about trouble you have had to.

Yer am just trying to get to grips with whats going on .. truly dont help everything is secret with medical proffesion

Yer have had blood test and all came back ok and infection free

Cheers thanks hope all works out well for you thanks again for reply comment


hi wobblybee sorry to here about your bc i had it last year so far all clear hope yours is. xray25


Ah, thanks X-ray :-)

I had chemo Wednesday this week, so you can guess how I'm feeling just now :-)

I've got 1 more, then 3wks daily radiotherapy.

The chemo treatment is called 'FEC' (aptly named).

The first 2 sessions almost sent me 'do-lally' re the SCA!

Then the oncologist left the 'F' out of the mixture and it's made it more tolerable.

My brain is in gear today :-) A most pleasant surprise :-)

The oncologist said the decision to give 6 sessions of chemo just as a matter of

course, hadn't been reviewed since 2007!

It's time they did review it!

Best wishes :-) xB


Yes this drug is also known as the "Z" pack over given if you ask me pretty much Dr. give it as first try for sinus/chest infections that are not life threatening. Since you really aren't on it for more then a week the chances that it would effect the cerebellum are very rare but everybody has a different chemical make up! So sorry to hear of your difficulties try to stay positive! :-)


Hi Mististu Cheers thanks for reply yes i was on AZi for three months till side effects nearly killed my i suffer chronic lung inflammation and bouts of sepsis autoimmunity problems

Bit more serious than just a cold i think

But yer them antibiotics caused bad muscle atrophy of my neck and mouth and gut inflammation

That resulted in shock and a ti ... issue am concerned about is if those antibiotics caused my cerebellum disfunction or asbestos exposer and my lung condition

Cheers thanks for reply


hi we are the other way around as partner has friedreichs ataxia and just been diagnosed with interstial lung disease, everyone keeps saying how unlucky he is to have one illness and then develop another. Azithromycin was one of the drugs that was mentioned to us as well but due to heart problems with friedreichs they were reluctant to give it . Have just looked at side effects after reading your comments and side effects look horrendous. We are now seeing specialist in both ataxia and lung disease and make sure they are both aware of each others involvement so they can communicate with each other if need be about treatment in case one affects the others. Dont know who you see about lung disease but after a year not getting anywhere quick with local hospital we have been referred to regional specialist service and if one near you they might be able to answer your questions, good luck


Hi thanks for reply yer i am having trouble with my lung doc he wont accept i am coughing up lung tissue with asbestos fibbers lodged init showing signs of chronic inflammation.

He thinks you have to have plaques .. and thats not true as there are two diease processes with asbestos inhalation if ya lucky its plaques if ya not its meso

Am not up on condtion you have mentioned but am in ild i know chronic lung inflamation cause that.

Am looking into mayasthenia gravis As that can be mistaken for condtion you have mentioned and cerebellar dysfunction or ataxia

Thanks for reply feed back



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