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New type headache?

Hi I have recently been suffering from a new type of headache and wondered if anyone else suffers from the same thing. The pain is on each side of my head towards the front, but not on my forehead. The pain comes on particularly if i do something leaning forward and then takes a long time to disappear afterwards (hours).

I have been allergic to ibuprofen for years and recently I have developed an allergy to paracetamol as well. I have tablets for migraines but obviously can't take those if it's just a headache. I have an appt with my GP next week for a different type of painkiller but i'm sure he won't be able to shed any light on my new headaches.

Please let me know about your headache experiences.

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Well, I suffer from Cluster headaches, and fromm what yoru explanation I don`t think thtas what you've got.

Cluster Headaches are very, very, very, very, very, painful and you feel like doing yourself in for good!!!

Can last for shoert time or up to 3 hours...............

I have oxygen along with painkillres to take but time is usually is what it takes to get rid of them.


thanks for replying. I think they are not as painful as what you're describing but they are painful. I have now been given tramadol from gp as a replacement for paracetamol. They work very well but apparently addictive so will have to be careful.


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