Swimming update!

After my first not very good attempt at swimming some while ago, I have been going to the Calvert Trust pool for the last 3 weeks with much more success. Firstly the pool is completely 'disabled' friendly from the changing rooms and showers to the steps with rails right into the pool. (There is also a hoist if you need it, but you have to have someone qualified to use it.) The temperature of the water and air are above 32 degrees so lovely and warm both in and out of the pool and the real bonus is the jacuzzi/hot tub which is heated to around 36 degrees and has jets which do wonders for aches and pains! I have sorted out swimming both on my back and front without too much problem. It takes all my concentration to go in a straight line and once I start to get tired becomes very difficult, but I leave the pool feeling better and am able to do more each time I go. Next session is tomorrow afternoon!

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  • Glad you have found somewhere that works for you

  • So am I, it is a great place and as it is a charity my money is going to help them too!

  • i like to go swimming i feel great when been, having eye ops at the min so not able to go, the hoist has not been working either for about 8 weeks,and also wish it was warmer

  • It is good feeling when you come away from the pool. Do you go to a pool designed for use by disabled or just a regular one? The Calvert Trust is a disabled holiday centre, so this is why the one I'm using is so warm.

  • no just a council run one so is always cold. i used to swim like a fish cant do a stroke now without sinking,i was disheartened when realised i could no longer swim,but go and do my exercises in there,which also helps

  • Good for you, Tiggywinkles! I took aquatic therapy a while back and really enjoyed it! No chance of falling in the water, which is a highlight for me! I plan to continue on my own...,;o)

  • Sounds like this pool is in the UK. I am in a different country. Used to swim like a fish too but now I am afraid of drowning and just stay near the wall. N

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