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Seen different doctors about this and all have different views, had camera down throat and all that stuff. One camera up/down nose that was awful. on liquids and some stuff from hospital that tastes absolutely awful. Swallowing is difficult feels like evertything gets stuck and won`t budge which causes gagging/vomiting. Really is awful.

Sleep is difficult at the moment, catch an hour here and an hour there, anyone else have the same?

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Tut, John, that is awful! You could always ring the Ataxia Nurse at Newcastle, she works

with Prof Chinnery and may be able to help :-) xB


Been told to let antibotics runtheire course and see what happens then

I can keep jelly down - funny thing that isn't it, but if I put carnation milk on it I vomit.

So it'a tea and jelly :-)


What does that say about carnation milk :-)

Let your imagination run wild, pretend the jelly is a nice

steak etc. I know it's a stretch but knowing you, anything's

possible :-) xB


Hi I have this problem but bot all the while its usually when I am tired, ad a speech and lang therapist to help me told to eat at not so tired, but this is not always possible, also raise the bed at one end this helps with reflux in the night which is probably waking you up, antibiotics wont help as it is not an infection, but finish the coarse. good luck hope this helps


I have to have a glass of ice cold real orange juice to hand when eating particularly for meat , spicy foods or bulky bread etc. Stress can make it worse. My throat 'blocks' until the orange juice trickles through and then my throat seems to relax, open and then normal operations resumed. Sometimes it can be scary.

I hope this tip might be of help to somebodyelse.


Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated and gratefully accepted. :-)


Purchased a blender and now my food gets blasted to a fine liquid which I swallow in small in spoonfuls.

That orange juice tip helps - thanks for that :-)

I have also found that a lttle of the blended food at a time seems to stay down and I 'm not vomiting - yet.

Will help with my weight also as I am a wee bit overweight ;-)

It blends the little baby oranges to a smoothy making them easy to swallow also.


I'm having to blend almost everything at the moment, due to chewing

difficulties since I had fixed braces. I used to bite my tongue regularly

but now it doesn't happen. I still have choking incidents but these are

restricted to swallowing saliva inadvertently.

Not being able to chew has meant no bread, biscuits etc. So, less sugar

has been a bonus, I've lost almost 1st :-) xB


Well done Wobblybee ! I know how hard it is to lose weight so i know what you had done is unpleasant but thinking of the positive is good . I hope you don't have to keep them on for good . Maber x


Well, Maber, it's supposed to be a treatment called 6mth smile :-)

So, hopefully by sometime in October, I'll be free to chew again:-)xB


I used to love biscuits - all kinds, you name them, I`d eat them. But have to wtch the weight now, I`m far to ahem, heavy :-)

The blener has helped loads, but I still have to take it slowly when eating - little bits at a time or I end up vomiting again.


I've bought a hand blender with a potato masher attachment. The masher is

wonderful, I thoroughly recommend it :-) xB


The blender I have hs numerous attachmnets? I've only used the blaster to blend my food into liquid paste. I'll have to read the manual to see whta the rest are for :-)


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