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Last time i post was 6 months ago

Last time i was having bowl trouble well i did the diet option its working for me.

my ataxia has took nose dive for the worse my pain got worse i was on tramadol now am on morphine which is slow reliese twice a day and i can take fast relief at any time between. My spasms have got worse when in wheelchair my full body spasms and my belt on wheelchair holds me a bit. Can anyone give me an idea of what i can do?

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Dear Nutter, I wish I had an answer for you! I have ataxia, but only use a quad cane at this time. I have problems with stiffness/ spasms, but only in my legs. For me, daily stretching seems to help. I know you're problem is much, much worse, and I'm so sorry you're having so much pain! Hopefully someone who is in a wheel chair will be able to advise you! I just wanted to welcome you back, and I hope you feel better soon! Hugs...,;o)


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