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Hi, does anyone suffer from head nodding. Mine happens several times a day, when I get up or move. It started 2 months ago. My neurologist

says. Botox. in. the neck might help. Any one had this?

Also. It has been suggested that I use an Oswestry standing. Frame a I can' walk any more , use a wheelchair all the time. The physio thinks this might help me to walk a bIt once I can stand. Stood in it for 15 mins and felt almost human again

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Hi Marygate:-)

I've had Botox injected into my eye muscle and I've been

told it has many medical uses:-)

I had to google Oswestry Frames, what an amazing piece

of equipment:-) xBeryl


Hi Marygate I have had head shakes since my stroke, I now it can be used for many things like wibblewobble I am having it in the eye. My walking has also detirated and I many use a wheelchair now but can do a few steps on crutches, I have been told about botox in the leg muscle


hi Marygate....sorry friend, I'm not familiar with that type of Ataxia....I wish you well


Standing frames are excellent. They improve circulation a lot if used daily


Dear Marygate, I don't have head nodding, but have heard that some people with ataxia suffer from this. I have also heard (as others have said) that Botox can be helpful. I didn't know what the frame was, and googled it. Fabulous! I can see why it would be good for a number of "physical"reasons! My best to you..., ;o)


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