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Going backwards

I have been doing so well recently even reducing my medication but recently feel I have gone backwards. I am under quite a bit a stress with trying to move to a more suitable house but is proving difficult. So now I am back on my full dose of tablets :( can stress set you back ? I also work 25 hours a week and a 9 year old daughter maybe it's all too much xx

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Hi Wendygirl!

Stress, and being overtired can have a big effect on symptoms. Moving house

is known to be stressful in any case, so have as much relaxation as you can get.

Think about it, you're coping with your own condition, one eye on your husband,

another on your young daughter, still working and at the same time trying to move

house, you need your rest.

Best wishes xBeryl


Hi Wendygirl

I to am in similar position to you,the best thing I have done to improve things is to attend a Balance and Excercice once a week(1hour).

Best Wishes.


Hi Wendygirl,

I am 46yrs old & a single Mum, my daughter is 7. I am not moving house but am under a lot of stress like you and feel that my symptoms have worsened. I have reduced my hours at work to 12 and am currently off sick as everything has become overwhelming. My GP is very understanding and thinks that I am doing the right thing by having time off and resting as much as possible. I have a lot of input from Diane the Ataxia Nurse at Sheffield, in fact she's probably sick of hearing from me! and both she and my Neurophysio and my GP think I need to make the decision about whether to work or not, to give me more chance to rest and improve my quality of life and that of my daughter. It's very hard to contemplate not working but I have got to think of my health and wellbeing and be the best I can be. You do too, go and see your GP or get in touch with an Ataxia Nurse, don't let the stress and overtiredness drag you down, we'll never be 100% again so we can't expect too much of ourselves.

I do wish you luck and hope you can get everything sorted out, to improve your symptoms.

Take Care.



Dear Wendygirl, Yes, by all means, stress can worsen ataxia symptoms! Your plate is full and I admire you for all your'e doing! But, try to get some well-deserved rest to unwind, as with ataxia you need to extra-care of you! ;o)


Hi wendygirl well I know what your thinking.... It's alright to say rest but its not that easy to do and your right I have sca6 I am 43... I am stressed I have 5 children 3 who are dependant I work 2 hours a night and its hard .. All you can do is your best.ask people for help if you can to try and take abit of stress away and make sure you get sleep as this is important. I wish u all the best x karen


Thank you for all your replies and advice. It is very hard to rest but I know it's something I must do. I don't get much support only my husband as my parents have recently moved to Scotland :( I think I might need to be a bit selfish for once and look after me xxx


I definitely agree with everyone's comments

Take care & REST (very important)


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