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Volunteers with SCA6 needed for Oxford research study

Researchers at the University of Oxford are currently looking for people with SCA6 to take part in a research study about how easy/hard it is to learn new motor skills. The basic criteria for taking part are that you:

-- have SCA6

-- are aged between 40-75

-- can use a joystick with your right hand

-- have no tremor in your right hand

More info, including contact details, here:

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Hello, always interested in research and helping in any way. Not sure how useful I can be as I live in Australia? My family are all based in the UK and we do visit usually at least once a year.

I am 50 years old, was diagnosed with SCA6 approx 4 years ago after my father was diagnosed. I am still relatively unaffected by the problem.

Cheers M


Hi Marina

I think the researchers would probably want to see you in their lab. What a shame you live in Australia! It might be worth contacting them though to see whether you could combine your annual visit to the UK with going to see them.



Hi Marina

I've just heard from one of the researchers, and they would indeed want to see people in their lab in Oxford, but they don't have any problem per se with people from outside the UK. It may not be possible with the current study as I think the data collection stage is due to end in June or July but they will apparently have future SCA6 studies in the medium term and so it's definitely worth getting in touch (contact details in the link above) so they can let you know about any future opportunities.



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