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Can dizziness or lightheadidness be be caused by both the 'Cerebellum' and the 'ears' together? Are they both connected in some way?

Just been for a hearing test and told my left ear hearing is very good (deaf in right ear). I have problems with noises in left ear and low or high pitched sounds that instantly change like the flick of a switch. Occassionally I experience sharp needle like pains in both ears although never at the same time in both ears. For about three weeks I had been experiencing more dizziness/light headed. The Audiologist said it could be caused by a change in my cerebellum rather than coming from the ears. My blood pressure is high and I am also due for an ECG.

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Hello Iain,

Your ear problems have rung a lot of bells with me - not for anything I get, but my Mum. She has very bad hearing in one ear, has tinitus (hers is music/tunes) and has been having dizzy 'turns'. She has finally been referred to the hospital to try and get to the bottom of this (she has been really unwell since August, but it has been going on for a number of years) Both of my parents had recent blood tests to check for carriers of Friedreich's Ataxia due to my diagnosis but I am wondering if her symptoms may have ataxic causes? Her balance is not great, but she puts that down to her age (76) and hearing. I will be very interested in hear how you get on.



Hi Tiggywinkles.

I have been told by my doctor on a past appointment that I may have Meniers syndrome. The symptoms I have at the moment and symptoms of severe dizziness (vertogo) in the past indicate a very possibility of this diagnosis. Has your mum ever suffered bouts of vertigo (severe spinning sensation) in the past? Thanks for your reply.


Afternoon Iain,

Yes, my Mum has had vertigo and also her GP has mentioned Menieres to her. (Her sister has that too) It is strange that the things you have described fit with things she has been having. I don't live close to her so all of my knowledge comes either via phone calls - not easy when she can't hear me - or emails with my sister who lives near her and sees her regularly. All I want is for her to start feeling normal again and be able to do the things she wants without always worrying that she may have one of her 'turns'.


Balance comes from inner ear, this is a good explanation:


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Hello Iain

I don't know the answer to your question but I am permanently dizzy. I cannot look from side to side or upwards. It must be the cerebellum because my hearing is fine.

Take care



Thanks for the info Katilea but the info doesn't mention anything about the cerebellum and balance. I would also like to know if inner ear problems can easilly be diagnosed by using basic Audioligy equipment. I've been told that my ears are okay?

Must be awful for you Carol being dizzy all the time. Hope you cope well enough?

Wish both you and your mum well Tiggywinkles. Thanks all!


Hello Iain. Sorry to hear about your problem with dizziness and noises in your ears. I have tinnitus in both ears.

I wear a hearing aid in my right ear and I have attended a hearing therapy clinic at my local hospital which has proved very helpful in my management of the tinnitus. I also get vertigo from time to time, so I appreciate how you must be feeling. Hope you can get a definite diagnosis soon with regards to your ? re cerebellam ataxia.


hi Iain

I had a lot of dizziness and even a spinning sensation which were very upsetting symptoms. I have gluten ataxia and they came on worse when I got glutened in the early days of going gluten free. This has now settled and rarely happens. I have some cerebellar dysfunction and I think this is a symptom of ataxia as I have no hearing loss. I also get problems with low blood sugar and this seems to also cause a dizziness.



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