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Hi I live in France so the system is somewhat different here. I'm feeling very frustrated at the moment. I live in a small village and can no longer drive. I don't feel safe driving for me and anyone else around. It also really exhausts me and then I am very bad. In the french system if you are registered handicapped then there are different percentage rates. I am currently between 50 and 79%, which means I receive benefit money but no human help. I really don't need any help in the house I can manage. But I really need help if I need to go to the Doctors etc. I can only walk about 50m now, which means I can't even get to little social activities in the day in the village. I have a manual chair but I rely on someone to push it.

I have been completely relying on my husband who has had health problems himself recently. Now he's recovered he needs to find work, which hopefully he will soon. But then I shall feel stranded in my house.

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Don't get too down on yourself. I am lucky in that I am still able to drive, but live somewhere very remote on my own. (Apart from my 3 cats!) My husband died last year and my Ataxia took a real dive from then, but I have adapted to doing things for myself more and more (he even did ALL the cooking!) and have survived. Just think of the times when you do have company and plan to make the best of it.

I still run three self-catering cottages (with help) so do have people around some of the time but don't relish the winter months as there are very few visitors then. The days can seem very long and the cold makes movement much harder, but I am determined not to give in - I want to make Bob (my husband) proud.

You can always voice your frustrations on here, I think we all know how it can feel.



Hi thanks for replying. I often think I want people around (i'm naturally very sociable) but then when people are visiting i get so tired. Think i'm having a difficult time adapting again at mo - and am ill too with urine infection in my kidneys. Trouble with this illness, we have to keep adjusting and adapting our lives around it. I'm constantly getting worse - just wish it would stop for a while:( Sorry to be so negative - i'm sure there are people much worse than me reading this


Hi Wibblywobbly!

I'm sure many of us empathise re feeling stranded in the house, and being alone for

most of the day, if not all of it.

The chance to get out and about needs to be seized whenever the opportunity presents.

I know how even essential trips to the GP have to be planned with military precision.

If you're feeling well enough, just getting outside in the garden and pottering around in

the fresh air for a while can help, by making you dwell on something else.

The point is, try to concentrate on something that holds your interest, be enquiring, look

on-line, keep in contact with others that way. It's surprising how much of the day can

be taken up by doing just this, and you find that suddenly you're not alone! xB


Thanks for your friendly advice. Think I'm partiularly low at the moment, got urine infection which has gone into my kidneys, and recently took the liquid preparation for a colonsqmy check up (the two are not related) which made me really ill. Wasn't able to have the colonsqmy as vomitted nearly all the liquid stuff up, so will have to do the whole procedure again soon :( Will try to look on the "bright side of life" :)


Ah, I'm so sorry to hear of this, I really sympathise. Just know, you can always speak to us. xB


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