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I am just curious if anybody in our community uses Skype or similar. Never used it myself but i was thinking it would be nice to talk face to face to people If they want to chat a bit.

I have a rough idea what i need to use Skype but that's all.

I realize some of us wish to remain anonymous so facebook or Twitter is always an option is anybody using that ?

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Hello I use it ll the time and you don't need Facebook twitter to use ...... even though I am on face book ...... might be a good way don't buy from Skype the cams and mic any reasonable good one will do I got mine from eBay good luck with your idea xxxx

added you can even chat there without the cam etc xxx


Skype is great, but do bear in mind that the signal travels over the internet and so will be slow at times. For example, the USA wakes up and starts using the internet late morning our time and clogs up the internet highway, slowing everything down.

Aside from that, I have found it wonderful to be able to talk to my family in South Africa for as long as I like with no added cost. And of course see who I am talking to.

My mother doesn't have access to the internet, unless she is visiting my brother, so I have set up a Skype telephone number to call her. I call her on this 0208 number and the cost is ridiculously cheap - and it goes to her home telephone +2741 (etc). I set up a direct debit with Skype to my bank account to fund this Skype telephone number, and I save between £20 and £30 every month. Well worth it IMHO.


I use "Google". Both our kids (who live some one hundred miles south of our place )

are in my circles/have me in their circles

I phone them and ask threm to get online



Hello Albion

I have no knowledge of Skype but feel I should have. You have saved me asking the questions, thank you. I have a webcam but not the slightest idea how to use it I would love to see people.

Hopefully someone will answer, either that or the book Skype for dummies!!!

Take care



Hi Albion!

Just being used to a basic laptop, I was more than slightly perturbed to arrive

home from the Conference to find a Skype Life Cam waiting for me! (a present)

I haven't a clue how to communicate on facebook or twitter! Is there actually

a Skype for Dummies?

Doesn't it also mean you need 'hair & makeup' before going on-line? xB


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