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Online activities during lockdown


In these days of being stuck at home can anyone recommend good online games, activities, film clubs etc. My husband can't do anything that requires speed/dexterity, his walking is almost non existant and he's finding the days very long. He's 55yrs old.

Many thanks and hope you're all well.

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When I was unable to do much at all, I played patience. It can be played online- solitaire, as well, don't sign up for anything or give any details, just skip that! Audio books?

cocobibi in reply to pinjem

thanks good idea :) I wonder if there are also games like chess or even slow video games that could work for him too.

I appreciate your input and will get the patience going.

Piero in reply to cocobibi

Yes, there are many places online where you can play chess, your computer itself may have that facility. I use an Apple Mac and it came with an inbuilt chess programme. If I recall accurately I downloaded chess onto previous devices I owned but I'm sure some had the programming already.

Hi Cocobibi

I have found a couple of lists of suggestions of what to do during lockdown, which are useful for people like me who don't get around. Some suggestions are more useful than others e.g. I have no plans to write a novel (!) but I hope some are useful :

Thanks so much, these links are really great - we'd forgotten about the virtual museum visits. A similar idea was the Safari Tour at the beginning of lockdown ... several hours of live footage with the rangers in one of the big Nature Reserves.

Does anyone play video games that don't require speed/dexterity or fighting? I wonder if that's something for the Ataxia community to grow. I know nothing of these games but am always impressed that kids play online while chatting to friends. Building towns/communities etc. Something with more satisfaction than killing or Candy Crush!

Thank you to Conan and Pinjem :)

Sailor_Girl in reply to cocobibi

This has reminded me that although I've never played video games of the shoot 'em up/chop their 'eads off type I have been curious about simulator games (see Depending on what your husband's interests are he could try a simulator game driving a large truck or train or 360degree excavator or like you've mentioned build a farm. There is a lot of choice but plenty of reviews, you'll also need a suitable PC. Ideally I'd ask someone with experience, some-one younger who is more savvy.

Hi cocobibi I don’t know whether this is any help but I down loaded TikTok and found it very good. Various subject are shown. E.g dancing cooking tips exercise many funny pictures of animals building constructions tricks jokes etc etc

It’s free and you can watch it anytime

My wife tells everyone that I am on it all the time like a child#####i am 80

Good luck. Ted

cocobibi in reply to tedjohnson

Thanks Ted, very useful and great that you're so young in spirit and enjoying this :) Keeping spirits up is the most important and not so easy for my husband ... which then affects the rest of us too!

If you're not already on facebook then I think it's worth joining for access to gameroom, if nothing else. I play scrabble -at my own pace.

online scrabble sounds like something he'll enjoy. We'll definitely look into that. Many thanks :)

Hi Cocobibi

I am the InControl Community Officer at Ataxia UK and we have been running virtual activity sessions every Friday, 1pm-2pm. We have covered a range of topics, including, books, TV Series, movies, music club. Today we had a discussion hosted by Tim Kahn, who is a volunteer, on Florence Nightingale.

This Friday, my manager, James Atkins will be hosting a session on Talking Heads (All episodes have been released on BBC I Player, and be viewed through the link below; If you are available, you may register here for the session:

All our sessions take place over Zoom and are free to attend.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me on

In terms of online board games, have a look at Board Game Arena/ Tabletopia. They are all online board gaming platforms that allow you to play the full board game online. I am happy to try to get a group together and play online with you and your husband.

Let me know :)


thanks so much Shana. He finds discussions quite difficult and I'm not sure he'll have time to watch Talking Heads before the Friday Zoom. We'll definitely have a look at the board games. as that sounds more what I had in mind.

Really appreciate your support and suggestions :)

:) No problem. We advertise all our sessions on Facebook, if you are interested in future activity sessions.

Wonderful, let me know how it goes!

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