A big welcome to all to have just joined us!

You'll find people here who have various experiences of Cerebellar Ataxia, and of course other Ataxias.

If you have a question, no matter what, someone's bound to have had something similar to deal with.

If you just need to 'rant', do it, nobody minds, we all need to unload at some time.

I live near Newcastle/Gateshead, hopefully we'll have our own support group soon! xB

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  • Wonderful post Beryl. Thank you.


  • Hi Beryl, I think I would have totally cracked up without the support I've had from everyone here!! xx

  • I totally agree with previous comments

  • This is a great website, lots of interesting reading. There is a great satisfaction in getting things off your chest. I hope you all tell many other Ataxians about "Health Unlocked" as you can, I know I do.


  • Great post, well done, Bonny Lass :-)

  • Beryl, you've summed it up beautifully! Sticking together and giving each mutual support is what it's all about!

    Ataxia is not easy to cope with. We know that. But by having a forum here to chat, vent and inform is so so important. Together we are so much stronger than just coping on own own. Thanks for saying what you did.

  • If you can travel you would be most welcome to join us at our carlisle support group wobbly bee. x

  • Ah, thank you so much mhairi, I might just take you up on that! XB

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