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Audio Books

As I`m spending more and more time sitting around the house, I`ve purchased a MP4-Player for audio books - the eyes are not what they used to be - even with spectacles - and turning pages on any book is now quite an effort seeing as my fingers are still in dispute with my brain :-)

I see that most - i.e. Audible etc - require a monthly payment by direct debit. That`s not what I require.

I just want to be able to download one book at a one-off fee/price, then another when required.

Thanks in advance for your help

:-) :-) :-)

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Hi John

I have problems turning the pages of books so last year bought myself a kindle touch. It is very light to hold up and I need to touch the screen extremely lightly to turn the page. You can also increase and decrease the font size as you wish. The main problem is it doesn't have a backlight but I have bought a torch that clips on the top and adds very little weight.

I have purchased audiobooks before from iTunes as a one-off which I have been able to listen to on my iPod. I am afraid I have no experience of MP4 players. I didn't know they existed to be honest and have no idea how they differ to MP3 players. Technology moves too quickly!



Hello Harriet,

To be honest I don`t know a great deal between MP3/MP4, but I`m sure that they probably do the same job.

iTunes, okay, I`ll check them out, thanks.

I`ve also ordered some lightweight headphones because those little ear things that came with the player just keep falling out - or it`s probably me not putting them on correctly :-O

Thanks for the info about iTunes, I`ll give them a look.



Hello JohnH

I too have audio books now. My eyes play up to the extent that reading is almost impossible. I get my audiobooks from the library. I can take so many at a time for several weeks They have a great selection. Try it.

Take care



The audio-books would be for my MP4 player which I would need to download from the internet onto my PC and transfer them via USB to my player.

Up to now, I`ve transferred the musical version of The War Of The Worlds by Jeff Wayne onto the player, The Hobbit, Watership Down & From October to Brest by Leon Trotsky, which I already had on my Windows Media player.



As harriet says a kindle may be your answer I have just bourght one [a paperwhite I thought the display better] this version has the advantage of the light being built in and the 'refurbished' version seems ok and is a lot cheaper and by the way you can download free samples of books [via amazon kindle usually the first few chapters] to see if you like the book as well as the text size adjustability ect


Unless a kindle can be used with audio-books it would be of no use to me. As I stated in my comment, my eyes are not as good these days even with spectacles that`s why I purchased the audio player, thanks anyway :-)


hi john fyi some kindles can play audiobooks see for more info but in your case it may be a case of a sledghammer to crack a nut but some librarys lend audiobooks just ring/ask at your library


Cheers :-)



Apart from my age (I need glasses). I have 'Track Reading (I think it's called that)' problems. Following onto the next line causes me grief. I've given up.

I listen to 'Audio Books'.

I use an IPOD.

Unfortunately this is not the vehicle to tell you all the different things you need to know and do.

If you download from Itunes the extension is .m4a. It can be converted to .mp3 and vice versa easily.

Ideally you need someone who can help!

If you use a Kindle the format will be .mp3.

There is no easy answer, you need help.

Best of luck.

Alan Beckley


I use a Kindle and books for reading.You should see the mess I make of a newspaper.

Resembles a discarded rag -poor co-ordination.Eyes are playing up big time and cannoot focus anymore.Ataxia+ things out oof focus lead to even more clumsiness,drop things not because I cannot feel it,it is because I can't focus on things.


Well, don`t this beat all. At hospital today (more tests) and whilst speaking to the parents of little girl who was accompanying here `Daddy` to make him feel better - don`t you just love kids :-)

We were talking and the subject about audio-books came up....... and the little girl had the most puzzled look on her face. Then she just spoke up and asked "Excuse me mummy, can you ask the book questions? are they always right? mummy I want one."

It made my day, I`m still smiling like a Cheshire cat even now.


I listen to Audiobooks a lot, especially when I manage to get out for a walk - it doesn't seem as tiring and frustrating somehow. I listen on my mobile phone which has the advantage of not needing to carry yet another device.

There are hundreds of free Audiobooks available so it is worth spending a bit of time searching the internet.

Here are some links:

I recently discovered I can listen to my Audiobooks, or music and answer calls on my mobile phone, through my hearing aids and am having it all connected up this coming Friday. Quite excited.


Thanks Wyndham.

I`ll be checking them out.



Hey Wyndham, thanks for the links, so much to choose from I`m spoilt for choice :-)

The Hobbit & The Lord of The Rings, I can remember reading these books as a young lad, they were brilliant.

Sherlock Holmes another of my favourites.



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