Has anybody been diagnosed with Dyschronometria

I was involved in discussion on another ataxia site about 'time passing

quickly and not being aware of it, and memory, concentration, the

worry of dementia'.

Someone replied that there was a condition associated with ataxia known

as Dyschronometria. I'd never heard of it before, the Neurologist once

said there were many different types of dementia, and just left it at that.

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  • im sorry to say they all have the same attitude about c/a,so if they know so little about c/a isnt it about time they did we are the paupers of the nhs

  • Hi, I recently had memory tests as there are types of SCA which have dementia and as at present all we know is that mine is genetic. But the possibility of dementia is small. However my memory is fine - but my problem is concentration. Due to the high concentration that us sufferers have with everything else, and so the tiredness that comes with it - my concentration is often very poor for other things. Sometimes following conversations or films is even difficult.

  • Hi! I would definitely agree, the level of concentration required at times

    can really exhaust you.

    I suppose it was a sort of lack of concentration that got me up at an

    unearthly hour this morning. My husband snores, loudly! and we sleep

    in separate rooms, bliss! I woke convinced my husband had overslept

    or was ill and hustled across the landing. For his part, he thought there

    was something wrong with me, appearing out of the blue.

    It was 6.15am! By 8am I'd had breakfast,showered,fed the birds,

    watered some plants and had the washing machine on.

    I doubt if this will ever be repeated!

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