Has anyone with ataxia any experience of living abroad &/or treatment/awareness in Spain??

As I feel better waking up to blue skies & sunshine my fiancée & I have decided to move to Spain in 4 weeks for a totally different, hopefully, better lifestyle.

I am really looking forward to it but am nervous about living there with ataxia as I don't know what knowledge/awareness there is in Spain either generally or in the medical profession so if anyone has any knowledge I would be grateful to hear.

There is a Spanish equivalent of Ataxia UK website but its all in Spanish & my Spanish isn't good enough to fully translate it.

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  • The internet knows no boundaries, so you'll still be able to post.

    Good luck. I have been tempted to do the same thing. A bit of predictability

  • Hi Glosman, as a UK citizen couldn't you still have your main neuro appointments in the UK? May be worth looking into :)

  • Hi Zhez, Thanks for your reply I am hoping that using a UK c/o address I will still be able to see my Ataxia Specialist - she said that as long as I can give a UK address it makes no difference to the NHS. Plan to give that a go although there is a big Ataxia community like AUK in Spain - only problem is I have got to learn Spanish first - still gives me more incentive to do that!!

  • I guess by now you have made the move to Spain - how did it go? Are you enjoying good weather?


  • Hi Heather,

    Yes move is now complete we have been here 6 weeks now & the sun has shone every day which is fantastic. Temperatures have been 85 + every day, the locals are saying that this is the hottest October for ages!! More importantly I am feeling great & I am sure that the weather & way of life is helping my ataxia, I feel more mobile & stronger than I can remember. I have to keep pinching myself that this is not one big dream!! I think I am so lucky + having an understanding partner who looks after me also helps so much.

    How are you? I hope that everything with you is OK


  • Morning Brian,

    Good to hear that your move is completed and that you are feeling the benefits of the warmer weather - long may it last! Have you made contact with anyone in Spain who has Ataxia?

    I am doing OK. I finally have my appointment at The John Radcliffe next week, so looking forward to speaking with someone who knows more about Ataxia.

    Keep enjoying the sunshine!



  • Hi Heather,

    Sorry haven't replied sooner just been so so busy trying to get everything straight for our first visitors this week - thankfully now everything is virtually done so I can relax a bit!

    Life in Spain is amazing I feel so much better & stronger -- I can now walk a bit without my stick which is strange + a few months ago I had to crawl into & out of the sea now I can actually walk in & out - sounds not a lot but for me that's a massive achievement. Hopefully it won't be shortlived - I am sure waking up to the sun, the gentle way of life & no doom & gloom from reading the newspapers watching the news etc would make anyone feel better + the Spanish appear to be far more considerate & accepting of disability which also makes a big difference.

    I read that your hospital visit to the John Radcliffe went well - I am so pleased for you, they are great there & its just so nice to talk to people who understand even if the cannot offer a magic pill. I do hope that you feel better & that things look brighter for you even if the weather is lousy. When you have your next apt in Oxford there are a couple of nice Travelodges/Premier Inns 5/10 mins away from the hospital which I have used when I had to go there from Cornwall -- more money I know but I found it made the trip easier to cope with.

    I haven't met anyone here with ataxia yet but am told there is a lady nearby so will try to introduce myself sometime, at the minute I'm busy attending Spanish classes 4 hrs per week which is daunting but fun I suppose even if I feel really stupid at times!!!!!!!!!

    Anyways I do hoe that you keep well, you sound a positive person I know full well that is not easy & appreciate that you have gone through a lot recently -- I always look for the positives & if I can achieve something each day that's great so pat yourself on the back every day I find it helps (hope that doesn't sound too odd!!??)

    Keep well,


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