I have FA which was diagnosed 14 years ago and have used a wheelchair for 10 years.

Has anyone else done any travelling?

At the moment I have travelled from the UK to Singapore we've (bf and I) up to malaysia and been scuba diving and are about to sail a ta

ll ship or a week then have a few days back in Singapore before sailing it to Fremantle Australia and spending a week there.

I am happy to write about it for the ataxsia magazine etc. in the meantime we're putting photos on; We've actually uploaded pictures on:


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  • Hello Anna,

    interesting to read about your travelling.

    How do you do that - because even being rollator bound

    makes travelling difficult.for me


  • Tell me about scuba diving Anna. I'm in a wheelchair, and only done it in a swimming pool.

  • Good for you Anna! ;o)

  • That's fantastic. You give me hope. But it sounds so exhausting - i'm always so tired

  • Great pics. You have all my admiration or as we say in Hebrew "Kol Hakavod"

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