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Hello everyone

This is by way of a moan, sorry.

I am wheelchair bound and as such I have a wheelchair adapted vehicle. Well I am trying to get it insured for my carers to drive it!!!! Well what a carry on. All I want is to use it to go out, you would think I was asking for the moon. The care agency are at last moving so perhaps the insurers will get what they want, who knows?

Is there anyone else who has had problems with other drivers?

Take care


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Hi there

If your carers drive and they are insured to only drive company vehicles that's difficult as it is done via the carers agency so the agency should deal with this.

It could be the agency have staff with their own vehicles

& trying to find a member who has insurance to drive any.

You as a patient/client /customer can insure your own vehicle so anyone can drive it as maybe this be easiest option this is what some of my customers do as its not often that you have to take a customers car.

Or if like my cousin who was a Carer and now social worker and deals with lots disabled adults and children , she uses her own vehicle but is insured to drive any OR the patient she is dealing with they usually have insurance for anyone to drive their vehicle.

Sometimes I think it can depend on the business and how many staff and is it worth it as the cost can be expensive.

I run a diff type of business , however I help those who cannot get out too and 1st thing is on. My insurance I make sure I am insured to drive any vehicle .

I have staff and have had days I cannot drive due to my own issues , only my insurance does not cover anyone under 25 & yes the girl in question is under 25! So I am due for renewal next week and will make sure I get this done.

My other girl drives and is of my age but not insured to drive any vehicle .

When I worked for a company it was company vehicles and i were not insured to take customers out because was under their insurance.

Agencies tend to just call diff ppl in for wrk and don't all have company vehicles.

Such a varied answers there ohps

Wish I had leased vehicles for my girls but its if they leave I left with vehicles standing .

Xxx Caroline


Hello Caroline

Thank you for your reply. I will make sure I cover all the options. What a minefield!!!!!

Take care



Hi Cazzie - Hope you get your car insurance sorted soon. What a nightmare. Beaurocracy gets worse and worse!

Hope at least that this makes you smile: - I was on hols in Spain earlier this year with husband. I was refused as 'named driver' on our hire car - 'cos I'm TOO OLD!!! (72!) (Hubby younger....)

Grumpy Granny


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