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The latest covid rules relaxation

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I'm curious as to what people feel about the latest relaxation of covid restrictions. I am especially interested in no longer making mask wearing mandatory. As a public transport user I have concerns around this. Personally I will still wear masks in certain situations, even though I find it difficult with my asthma. I am curious as to what others think who have asthma as well as other health issues.

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I will be when I get out of hospital, I'm only half vaccinated and I'm CEV

The masks are proven (?) to stop a person positive with COVID from spreading it. There is less proof that wearing a mask is as useful to stop you catching it.

I think that mask wearing has had its uses in cutting down winter flu and the common cold 🧐

At this time of year I find wearing a mask extremely difficult so just wear a shield which are less effective apparently.

Watching all the football fans and Wimbledon fans mask free I wonder why I bother but would wear a mask on a train or plane as such enclosed spaces.

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Weezer in reply to Oldandgray

I agree with you it hasn’t helped them be mask free in such a big gathering while we go to a local store to pick something up and it wearing masks and distancing. I am more concerned about the mental health wellbeing and the group who are grieving for their loved ones alone who may have passed from COVID or other illnesses. We can’t really stay like this forever.

I will still wear a mask when in enclosed spaces. I will still keep my distance too and expect people to keep distant from me as well. Even with the distancing rules in place I've had to tell people to step back I will continue to do so.

I'll probably continue wearing a mask while shopping and using public transport, along with sanitising my hands ( I hope supermarkets continue to provide hand sanitiser at the entrance). There are some scientists on SAGE who think the Government should have recommended continued mask wearing and that we need to mirror some south Asian countries where it's an accepted practice to wear a mask if one has a cold or virus - it's a courtesy. That would be a big change to national behaviour as many look upon the mask as a "muzzle", a sign of government interference in our personal lives. And not wearing a mask is a symbol of freedom. Personally, I'd rather be free from other people's viral droplets.

On the other hand, I've been happily socialising without having to wear a mask while friends and family are at the restaurant table. Life has pretty much returned to normal and I've already had a short UK break, staying in a hotel. So far, so good. 🤞

Both my parents are double vaccinated (over a month ago) and are now suffering with covid (positive pcr). I am double vaccinated (~2 weeks), wearing mask around house, constantly cleaning and washing hands, staying in different rooms. So far covid negative on pcr and lf, plus no symptoms. I think the idea of stopping wearing masks is absurd, so will definitely continue to wear them. If anything else, to remind people that covid still exists and we all need to take care.Fingers crossed most people are sensible, wear masks and isolate if need be. If the government don't want to control the virus the public will have to. If you don't want to wear a mask, that's fine, take the other precautions and lateral flow tests in case you're asymptomatic.

Stay safe everyone 👊👊👊

I raised the issue of mask wearing on this site last year, as I was concerned about the emphasis on face coverings. The latter (which potentially includes surgical masks) are designed to protect others from the wearer, not the wearer him/herself. This is important because, realistically (and whatever we might think individually of the decision) come 19 July, a lot of people will abandon masks in circumstances where close contact is unavoidable. They might not be concerned for their own health but, if infected, then could pass it on to someone else. If that other person is relying on a face covering, then that might not give sufficient protection to prevent infection.

The original emphasis on face coverings was brought in because of the lack of FFP2/N95 masks in health & social care (and explains why so many health workers contracted COVID even with surgical masks (about 50% effective)), but that situation has changed dramatically (I was treated today by a nurse with an even more efficient FFP3 mask!). So if we want to continue to protect ourselves, without having to shield, then I would recommend using FFP2/N95 masks, which are readily available online and in store.

The data shows that, while rates are high again, hospitalisations are incredibly low relative to that, and deaths even lower, and those in hospital are pretty much the unvaccinated. No vaccine is going to protect 100% and people will still get covid but it should (once people are double vaccinated) mean that it's only like other viruses. By that I mean where the vast majority are fine at home and actually many would be able to still work through it. Like other viruses that we have in circulation, there will always be a few who end up in hospital but most people carry on as normal or indeed have time off work because they're unwell but it's just another illness. If testing wasn't a thing, many people wouldn't know it's covid (ie the symptoms are just like other viruses).

Having said that, I don't mean people should throw away all restrictions etc immediately. People have to do what they're comfortable with which will be incredibly personal and varied. I agree largely with people being able to decide for themselves - but at the same time, there are always going to be those who don't care (probably the same who haven't cared all along!) which is hard.

I would like handwashing to be reinforced publicly as I think that could do with a revamp for many people. Also it would be good to have an expectation that you give people space - thinking of the supermarket for example, where often I've found older people (don't mean to generalise but in my experience it was older people) not wearing masks but also not waiting or giving people space. So a publicised expectation to respect people's space would be nice.

I have to use the train and underground/bus in order to get to my appointment for lung function tests and blood tests at a severe asthma clinic in London a few weeks after the restrictions are lifted.

I'm very concerned about masks not being worn. I have yet to find out how my immune system is behaving due to numerous courses of prednisolone. This is something that is going to be investigated.

Another factor people seem to be forgetting is that some people are getting long covid. I certainly don't want to risk getting another health problem on top of the ones I already have.

I will continue to wear a mask when my breathing can cope with it. (Humid air is a huge asthma trigger for me). I wear a silk mask which was subected to the raft of Which tests. the article is Best reusable face coverings. They have done lab tests on a number of masks. The Big Silk mask has protected me so far.

As far as socially distancing, some of the general public aren't aware that some people especially those who have blood cancer and others whose immune system is not working are at a high risk from Covid despite having 2 jabs. A few medics and scientists have spoken about this today. The way the government are lifting restrictions make them look like they don't care about vulnerable people. Its more like each man for himself. The government should be clearly stating that there are very vulnerable people out there who need to be given space etc. Or better still follow the Dr's and scientists advice which at the moment they are clearly not.

I just hope that people look out for each other, respect each other's need for distancing should they be asked.

Stay safe everyone.

I'm CEV and I'm quite worried! As others have said, masks protect the people around you, but not yourself. I'm thinking of wearing both a visor (for me) and a mask (for others) on public transport definitely and possibly in supermarkets - my work is great and they have said whatever I need to do they will support, so will take each day as it comes and make sure any rooms are well ventilated even if I don't wear a mask/visor.

I have asthma and so does my husband and we are definitely going to carry on wearing masks in shops etc

I'm rather stressed out by the lifting of restrictions yet more because the work from home has been lifted. I haven't been admitted to hospital since I started working from home. Will still wear a mask when out and about though.

It has been lifted but it's not meant to be an automatic everyone back at work thing. Like with the other changes, the legality has been lifted but stuff is still advised or encouraged. Ok that does require workplaces to be sensible but they can't possibly have rules for every place.

It's difficult because you've not had admissions while working from home but that's presumably because you've had limited contact with others so avoided ALL illnesses, ie way more than just covid. One can't expect to avoid contact with others in order to achieve this (avoiding all germs) forever and continue to have other aspects of their lives as they were.

Technically I had 2 admissions in October (after being in the office for a day) and was on pred for awhile after that yet every time I go into the office I have issues... maybe I'm allergic to work 🤣. I've been out the house and interacted with people and gone on a mini city break to Scotland and been okay yet I don't know if that's just because I've had better control of my environment and have been able to avoid sprays and deodorants ect. Will speak to work and see what they say. I know I can't work from home forever yet I've enjoyed the last couple of months working from home.

What I mean though is the working from home was a covid thing - other factors might be better for asthma control generally if, for example, one can avoid particular allergens more easily, but that's irrelevant to covid risk so technically shouldn't be part of a workplace's consideration.

Aaaah yeah I got you. Luckily, if I can even use that word my work has seen me go from hero to zero after someone sprayed almost a can of deodorant less than a metre from me so hopefully that will help in coming to an arrangement that works for them and me yet will see 👀

Yeah if it can be accommodated then brilliant!

I have severe persistent asthma. I have to wear a mask at work. I will continue to wear a mask indoors in public because I have been healthier this past year with Masking than I have in winters past. It may be because I didn't do much in public and got my groceries delivered most weeks but I feel the mask is preventing me from all the viruses.

I'm fully vaccinated since early January 2021.

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