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What can I expect from covid

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Hi just tested positive and would welcome an idea what to expect - although I know we are all different

I have lifelong asthma and some restricted airway remodelling. At the moment I think in day 3/4 I have all the symptoms of chest infection (very productive cough, nasal congestion, sore ribs and back and no energy) Is this what covid is like for us as I don’t see productive hacking cough as one of the regular symptoms.

So experiences to share would be valuable


22 Replies

I tested positive covid 3 weeks ago. My peak flow dropped by 30% and I had a runny nose. No cough at the start.

I am finding the recovery worse - chest pains with occasional coughing. Props coughing the dead virus from my lungs.

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Thanks - I haven’t checked my peak flow - too apprehensive but feeling a bit more in control today so shall have a look

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I quadrupled my preventer and was okay whilst having covid. Now not so great had to start montelukast and can’t wean preventers back down

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Thanks - the gp said to up my reliever so I will - hopefully it will come and then go - it was very frightening seeing the +ve sign for the first time as I have been so anxious for the past two years - so thank god for the vaccines - and in a couple of weeks I will hopefully be able to say I beat Covid!

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Also I and other asthmatics I know in person got bacterial infections at the same time as covid and required steroids and/or antibiotics. I had the hacking cough and bringing up lots of phlegm from like day 4/5. I should have called my gp but didn’t but I definitely recommend that you do.

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Pianoperson in reply to Keisha192001

Thanks for responding - it is reassuring to hear of other experiences - I called the go and they said as long as my breathing wasn’t bad it would be ok so to keep an eye on that. They offered antibiotics but v keen to avoid those if poss - will monitor and go back if worried

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Not to be Debbie Downer, but I was diagnosed with COVID on January 20 and I am still off work because my pulse ox remains between 92 and 94 and I am completely fatigued with some residual cough.

At first, we thought it was an asthma exacerbation, so we went to the ED. They tested me and it turns out I had COVID, pneumonia and an asthma exacerbation.

I’m not sure if I’m having Long COVID or just taking a long time to recover. The asthma doctor thinks I’ll be off work until May! And, I’m a teacher. That’s how I caught it, I think.

I hope your case clears up soon!

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HBaaBaa in reply to Shadowcat04

This is so similar to my experience. I too am a teacher, tested positive on 18/1 and am still off work wondering when life can ever return to some kind of normal. The initial infection was like a very heavy cold. I had horrendous congestion in my head and sinuses. The cough didn’t develop until about day 5 and surprisingly my lungs remained clear throughout. My peak flow dropped but I didn’t feel as though I do in normal asthma and I upped my preventer.

Since the initial covid infection I have been struggling with everyday life mostly due to palpitations and dizziness I also have fatigue, brain fog and breathlessness. I really hope you get over covid quickly. Keep an eye out for extra symptoms and take the time to recover well.

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Dogruff in reply to HBaaBaa

I read this and thought “oh did I write this” and had to check! I have all the same symptoms as you have post initial infection.

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HBaaBaa in reply to Dogruff

Sorry to hear this. It’s sooo debilitating. I hope you recover soon.

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Dogruff in reply to HBaaBaa

Thank you. You too. I’ve had a hard time from work about my concern around COVID. New manager was given the wrong impression about me but once she got to know me she knew my concerns were entirely reasonable but I didn’t make a fuss. Manager has been incredibly wonderful since I’ve gotten ill and has gone way above what’s needed in terms of supporting my recovery. So so glad I didn’t get it in my last job as I’m sure I would have gotten a rough time from it.

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Bevvy in reply to Shadowcat04

Sorry to hear you been so unwell. I haven’t had Covid but had several episodes of pneumonia and pleurisy. Each time I have been off work for a considerable time. With you having pneumonia I am not surprised you are still off work. Try to rest as much as possible, but eat healthily. If you can’t face food then I found homemade smoothies helped. Also be aware that even after initial infection had gone it can take me many, many weeks to recover. Don’t be afraid to ask gp for another sick note if required come May. Also ensure before returning to work that you can do a phased return. You certainly won’t be up to doing full hours after being off for such a long time.

Have work asked for an occupational health appointment? I wouldn’t be surprised if they do. Over all years I have found OH to be either absolutely rubbish or excellent. I hope your OH is the latter.

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I had it in 2020 and the lung part felt like a bad asthma flare-up (tightness, burning, discomfort etc.) and it passed after a week or two. I think omicron is different and milder and if you're vaccinated hopefully you shouldn't get many more symptoms than you're already suffering.

The worst of covid for me was all the other stuff! I was sooooo tired and out of it and wound up having heart problems for three months (that's scarily common) and had terrible headaches and felt like I'd been run over by a cement truck. I was out of commission for weeks.

A bunch of us on here have had it so if you search for "covid" in the archives you'll find tons of good posts.

Sending healing vibes! I hope you're on the mend soon!!

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Pianoperson in reply to hilary39

Thanks you - all +ve vibes gratefully received x

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Hi, hope you are ok. I tested positive on Tuesday. Like you it started with cold type symptoms and an irritating cough. When it started the cough wasn’t chesty. I doubled my preventer the moment I had a sore throat. I have mild asthma. Yesterday though the cough has turned into a chesty cough and I have been coughing up so much phlegm. I have found sleeping really difficult because the coughing is keeping me awake. I am so tired today. Although I work from home I have still had to go off sick as I just feel rubbish. No energy, achey and just not well. I hope you make a speedy recovery. 😍

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Pianoperson in reply to lovedisney

Hi - sounds very like mine -?it’s the chesty cough and the mountains of phlegm that always worries me - but much prefer being able to expel it - so holding the ribs and organised coughing is my plan Take care and soon we will be able to sat We beat Covid!

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lovedisney in reply to Pianoperson

Hi, yes that’s what I sort of feel. I hadn’t done a peak flow. I just hadn’t even thought about doing it. I don’t think my brain is working but I did it this morning. I don’t think it’s terrible considering I have covid. It’s 350. When I am well it’s normally 450 - 500. Rest up and take it easy.

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I had it at Xmas doubled up my fostair helped me to get through it .Afterwards was difficult popping ears, head muzzy lost balance,no smell took antihistamine for 2 month daily now symptoms are easing hopefully I'm on the mend .

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Pianoperson in reply to Babbela

Hidid the antihistamines work - i am really blocked and was wondering about them but i don't want to dry up the chest


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Babbela in reply to Pianoperson

It's worked for me I take one a day and my symptoms seem to be better fingers crossed also been on montelukast for years perhaps the combination has eliminated the virus .

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I got Covid 1st week in January after being so careful for two years shielding etc. Got a really bad headache for 3 days and it had absolutely no effect on my asthma at all. Just took my preventers as usual. Just shows we all react differently.

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Hope you feel better soon. My respiratory consultant said to start my rescue pack of prednislone if I get it.

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