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2 year old with pneumonia and potentially asthma?


Hi, I'm new here and a mummy to a two-year-old girl who has just been discharged from hdu following a very severe episode - high work of breathing that didn't respond to salbutamol nebs or oxygen on the mask. In the end she turned around slowly with the help of airvo and magnesium sulphate. She was diagnosed with unresolved pneumonia (she was in for it two weeks before) and potentially asthma. We now have a brown inhaler plus the blue ones which we are stepping down on this week.

The thing is, between illnesses (colds) she never wheezes or has any difficulties with breathing, she has no allergies and she's generally very healthy. It is just that colds etc go into her chest and give her a chest infection, which then seem to trigger an asthmatic response that requires salbutamol to calm down.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with their child? Her admission last week was terrifying and I'm just trying to piece together the picture in order to prevent it getting that bad again.

Thanks for listening.


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Hi so sorry that your daughter suffered this. I know someone whose child had it too just when she had a virus, she had ear infections and post nasal drip which affected her respiratory system. The parents had her tested for allergies and changed her diet to lactose free and gave her multivitamins. Multivitamins really do help to ward off respiratory infections. Also, the good news is children can grow out if these respiratory problems as they develop. Best wishes Laurie.

Thank you LaurieRose - I’m really hoping it is something that she’ll grow out of. She’s being tested for swallowing problems as well as they’ve said it’s possible that she is aspirating (she often chokes and splutters on her drinks). I do give multivitamins to the kids in the winter but maybe I will have to step it up to all year round for her.

Thanks v much again for your reply x

All the best. Hope she's getting the best care. I think it's very common to grow out if it but in the meantime she needs all the best treatment. Hope she gets well soon. X

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