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Side Affects of Areosol inhalers Reflux


Has anybody found the areosol inhalers to cause them problems with reflux chest pain more than dry powder inhalers? The reason I ask is because I cannot get my reflux/chest pain under control unless I take Alvesco when it does seem to subside. I was on Seretide then split that out into Flixotide and Serevent and they both give me really bad chest pain which feels like reflux but might not be. They all use HFA 134a as a propellant so is that a coincidence? But Alvesco does not any ideas or comments please?

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I no longer take ventolin in a medihaler. I take it as ventolin rotacaps or powder form with a ventolin rotahaler. I discovered that the propellent was actually giving me asthma. It was the only time in my life when I understood the "steel band around the chest". Once on the powder form, it got back to normal. I don't take a preventer as they don't agree with me but I often wonder if testing new drugs, or the way they are given, on people who are taking preventers which dampen the body's immune response is valid.

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Cheers Tugan glad you recognised it and got it changed. I've jus started having problems the last couple of years and the areosol meds seem worse. I'm very sceptical about how they test meds like you say. Stay well.

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Thanks Beans

Hi, sorry to hear you're having problems. I am on Qvar and Serevent, not had any problems with either, but everyone is different. I also take Montelucast and have Ventolin reliever, which I had to fight for, explaining that it was a life saver. I would try and get more advice about the medication you are on to see if there are any alternatives. I also had to fight to stay on Qvar and Serevent, was talked into changing to a combined inhaler which made me feel worse. If you find something that works for you stick to your guns, so often I feel as we are being bullied into a one size fits all mentality, which isn't true is it ? I hope you get sorted and find something that works for you.

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