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Outcome of my consultant appointment

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I have been waiting for my appointment to see the consultant at my local hospital and the day finally arrived on Wednesday. It was his last appointment and he looked tired but gave me his full attention. He was kind, listened to my questions and professional.

There was a 5 point plan put into place by the other consultant I saw in early April this was a review of this and how I was getting on now.

1. I now don't have any congestion in my nose or polyp. I just been left with nasal drip and have tried all the medication out there. He decided it was fine to leave me as I was and I happy with it too. Kind of got use to it.

2. I had acid reflux (heartburn and feeling sick after eating) which was treated with Omperloze (20 mg twice a day) and glavison 4 tsp after meals and bedtime. It got better but came back after I stopped it on advise of my GPs. Getting better again again. Advise from consultant was to keep going on it for 3-6 mths and see if I could come off it again. He doesn't see this as a long term problem.

3. Stopped Prednisolone 7 weeks ago and have been fine.

4. Breathe study advised to do but decided I wouldn't do it. I learnt a lot from swimming and pilates in terms of good breathing techniques.

5. Result of Mannitol test was negative. However this in his opinion doesn't mean I don't have asthma. He said 4 days being off all my medication does get rid of all the steroids in your body. (Fostair Nexthaler 200/6 2 puffs twice a day, monkelaust 10 mg) He told me that I do have asthma and that it showed that my asthma was well controlled.

He told me to follow my asthma plan as before and only use it if I become wheezy and my peak flow drops below 350.

Lastly three things to keep taking my inhaler at that the strength I have now. I did ask if I could reduce it as I have been able to reduce in spring/summer in the three years my asthma has been like this. (mild for ten years) First year went to Flixotide then last year couldn't reduce down to preventer.

Review my IGe test which shows I am allergic to house dust mites. Very common apparently. Grade 4. He couldn't comment on my Hay fever which got bad in May so on prescripted antihistamine.

Secondly did I want to come and see the consultant in 6 months time. To be honest I was hoping not to come back. I said no and he was happy with that. (spent a lot of time in out patience and A &E since November til April because of my asthma and Painful Bladder syndrome. ) So keen to stay away if possible. He decided on a open appointment held for 1 year. I hoping and praying to stay away and just go to see my GP and asthma nurse. Of course I will go back if necessary.

God bless all and have a good weekend.

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