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Should I go on holiday?

Hi there,

I’ve just had to cancel a short holiday as I had a ‘blip’ with my Asthma and I have a virus ( which might have caused the blip) the Dr. was unhelpful after I saw him, told me to go and get some sun, but as I was still very unwell I cancelled the holiday, ( it was a walking holiday) and although he told me not to bother using my inhalers, I spoke to the Nurse who told me to use them as before.

My question is that we are due to go away again in 2 weeks time, driving around the countryside in France for 5 days, if I still feel as unwell as I do now, then I won’t hesitate to cancel but if I start to feel better do I go? I’m not able to take steroids with me ‘just in case’ the nurse says that I would have to see a Dr. in France

Do I risk being out of phone range as I will only have just ( hopefully) recovered? This is only the second bout of uncontrolled Asthma I’ve had, as I was only diagnosed last year and I don’t know if Hay fever is a factor too, I usually get sneezy driving around the countryside, but take anti histamine. I don’t want to disappoint my husband again, but on the other hand I’m nervous about going if I’m not 100 %. I went downhill so quickly last week and I’m getting worried about the trip. Thankfully we haven’t booked any other holidays this year! Am I being over cautious?


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It's a hard question to answer. Do you take antihistamines daily? And do you take montelukast?


From what you say it sounds like both doctor and nurse have no concerns about you.

I would up my preventer dose to give the lungs a boost (and the odd ventolin mixed in) keep up with daily antihistamines, make sure I have plenty of inhalers for the duration, and go and enjoy some sunshine.

But that is only what I would do, I cannot say that is what you should do.

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It sounds as though you are anxious about going, and if you deteriorate quickly, then that sounds like a logical worry to me.

Some things to consider may be :

-how good is your spoken French, so you could access emergency /GP support if needed

-how isolated will you be, and if you will be in very rural areas, could this be changed so you are not planning to be too far away from help should you need it

-do you think you could enjoy the holiday?

You might be able to increase your dose of anti histamine - I take up to 3 a day of cetirizine 10mg for severe allergies, and my mum who has a bad chest has also been told she could do the same.

I hope you feel better soon


Thanks for the replies, I will start the antihistamines before we go , in case I get hay fever symptoms whilst there. I’m taking Fostair and Ventolin anyway, so will continue.

I can’t change the area in France as it’s a Car Rally, but I can get something printed off to take with me( good idea, thanks) just in case.

If last year was anything to go by May was cold and wet, so not much sunshine about, plus early morning starts.

I’m sure once the virus goes and my cough stops I’ll feel a lot more confident.

Thanks for your help guys.


That’s ridiculous.... I’m currently in Thailand and have taken my prednisone with me, no issues what so ever (Thai drug laws very strict) Just make sure you have a copy of prescription with you !

If you feel ok, then I would go 100%.


Hi. Firstly, do you have an asthma plan? I do not understand why you cannot have steroids prescribed just in case as part of your plan. I have both steroids and antibiotics available on the understanding that I inform my GP and make an appointment to see him as soon as it is possible if my asthma deteriorates to the point where I need to use them.

I travel to the USA regularly and it is reassuring to have the meds available rather than the worry of going to a GP or clinic whilst abroad.

I also take antihistamines and found Prevalin Plus nasal spray to be very good.

I hope you enjoy your holiday.


No , no Asthma plan, ( although I have dowloaded one from the Asthma site) and the Nurse said no to the emergency packed Prednisalone.

Anyway, if I don’t stop coughing soon I won’t be going anywhere...


My asthma is well controlled however i always have enough prednisilone so as to make sure that during my holiday I can manage an exacerbation without having to seek medical attention unless of course it is a severe asthma attack and then I would go straight to A&E. Enjoy your holiday if u do go


Get decent travel insurance and GO!


Travel insurance is all ok! Feeling much better today, so I am able to take a more relaxed view of impending trip, I’m sure if I go on improving each day then I’ll go off kicking my heels! Well fur lined boots is more likely as it will be chilly.


Holy mackerel your Dr you went to sounds like a waste of space, time, effort and so much more. This is what just happened to me. I was going to go on a holiday and nearly had an asthma attack while doing a production (no rescue inhaler there so i would have been stuffed if i had actually had one). Then just a few days ago I get told I have a virus; so annoying.


I have to agree about the GP, I haven’t seen him before and hope to not see him again!


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