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Asthma with possible acid reflux sinus problems and allergies

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Hi im for past 8 months i have been suffering with breathlessness and tight chest which at times is accompanied by an ache in my chest and extreme tiredness as a result of which i have had to give up exercise (walking 3-6 miles daily) as it exacerbates my symptoms even if I take ventolin prior to exercise I can't walk to the bus stop without getting out of breath and I can't walk up the stairs without symptoms. I'm currently taking seretide 500 accuhaler 2 puffs twice a day as well as Dymastis nasal spray morning and evening. I'm currently fighting of a possible upper respiratory tract infection and have just finished a course of antibiotics. I have seen the consultant at hospital who thinks in addition to Asthma I might have acid reflux and allergic asthma and sinus problems making it difficult to control so she has put me on Omeprazole 40mg daily for 4 weeks and then 20mg daily for a further 4 weeks as well as a 7 day pred course of 40mg reduced over following 2 weeks. Has anyone else been thorugh somethimg similar and if so could you share some tips on the meds witu any management and coping methods as I'm finding it very difficult.


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Yes I am going through exactly the same. I was diagnosed with allergic asthma followed by allergies to pollen resulting in all sinus problems. I have had two polyps removed from the nose. I was on a steroid nasal spray for seven years without any reviews and then developed glaucoma. When I told my consultant I was on a steroid nasal spray she told me to stop it immediately. Upon research I found long term use can cause glaucoma! I now take an antihistamine spray daily. I take Fostair for my asthma daily morning and night. Then about 18 months ago I started having breathlessness and was told it was my asthma. I then started to get pain and acid and not able to swallow certain foods such as rice. Eventually I was sent for an endoscopy and was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and Barretts oesphogus. I feel they are all connected to one another as quite a few people on this group have acid reflux. I am now on Lanzaprazole daily for life and have to have an endoscopy every two years. It is all frightening but I have now got everything under control and hope you sort it all out xx

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Thank goodness I refuse to take the nose spray! I kept getting nose bleeds. I didn't know about the glaucoma! I have been off and on the nose sprays since I was a child. I never felt that they helped.

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We trust our doctors but not anymore. If I am put on any new medication I check it out first. Now I believe any medication we take can either help you or give you something else!

That's me to a T. I take cetirizine twice a day for the allergies and I take a plain Sudafed once a day for the sinuses. I also use a sinus rinse (NeilMed do them) when I am particularly stuffy. I am currently waiting to see an ENT. I think my sinuses are the bigger problem but the reflux is an issue too. I have to watch what I eat and drink which isn't always easy. Hope this helps. x

Thanks Emmajade and Karsue that is extremely helpful to hear it's not just me going crazy. I gave been using nasal spray for approx 7 years with daily loratadine to control some of the hayfever and allergies but I can't take the nasal spray daily long term as I get nose bleeds and honestly I don't want to take so many meds with steroids which is another reason but now I might not have a choice as I need to get my sympoms under control. I am aware of the serious side effects of the inhalers and the combnation of nasal spray and prednisone and s scary

It is extremely difficult to convince my GP and asthma nurse in not right as they just go on peak flow but do not pay much attention to how I'm feeling and my symtons. I was on fostair hogh dose for 18 months up to August last year but I had awful problems with it excrutiating joint pain and oral thrush I was told I had to stay on it as they had no other meds I could be given to control my severe asthma. I eventually out my foot down as it seriously started to affect my job and told my gp he either try me on something else or refer me as I'm going to stop taking it and since September last year 6 different inhalers later im now on seretide whoch is helping but my symptoms still not completely under control. I diagnosed my own hayfever 10 years ago as I had it as a child again something my gp should have done when I complained of symptoms back in 2007. That is my gp rant over. Thanks again for your posts Emmajade and Karsue and Emmasuw I hope your ENT appointment goes well. Thanks shaheen x

To help to avoid the acid reflux I avoid tomatoes onions anything spicy all citrus fruits gluten in fact I stick to a very bland diet. I am a strict vegetarian and have just realised that I can only tolerate eggs in an omelette makes life more interesting as to what to eat hopes this helps a bit cheers

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Thanks starveycat im going to give that a go as well as soon as I start to get my appetite back as right now im only eating because I have to and not because im feeling hungry if that makes sense!! Will let you all know how I get on in a couple of weeks once ive finished tje course of prednisone to see if Omeprazole is helping amd if asthma is better. Thanks shaheen

I have stopped taking Omerprozole as the side effects long term include memory loss. I watch my diet and use natural methods

Thanks Gwenvilla50 that's interesting I will definately keep that in mind as I'm hoping in 8 weeks when I see the respiratory consultant if Omeprazole has helped control my symptoms I'll be asking to stop taking it to see if the reflux has gone and if it doesn't improve my symptoms then im asking to be referred to a specialist who deals in reflux issues if they insist that's what is causing my problems.

Oh yeah, acid reflux is another bad thing. I try to sleep against 3 pillows so i'm not flat on the bed, I have 1/8th Hispanic in me from my Mom's. I love peppers, lemons, vinegar, and salsa, everything I shouldn't eat. When I have acid reflux and it get's in my lungs that's the worst, I feel like I'm dying. I have to sit up after using my Nebulizer to help open up my lungs a couple of times, I try not to eat 7 hours before bedtime. Being older I'm acquiring knowledge of the things I used to do and love, that I cannot do in excess as I used to. I love the spicy foods, but now I can't sit around and eat a can of Jalapenos like I used too. LOL Ken

Hi, just noticed your post.

I have several allergies and asthma which is allergy related.

About 3 years ago my asthma suddenly deteriorated. I was prescribed Seretide. I didn't improve and was put on a higher dose. Regardless, I was constantly wheezy, had no energy, developed acid reflux (which I had never had before) had strange "bruising" on my arms which appeared at night and was gone by the morning. And my hands were covered in tiny splits in the skin which were painful and didn't heal.

Regardless of how often I used the Bricanyl inhaler I didn't get any relief. I also had more chest infections which were treated with antibiotics and oral steroids, but nothing improved.

Last year, I asked my GP to stop the Seretide and went back onto my previous inhaler- Qvar. Since then, no acid reflux, I'm no longer wheezing all the time, no strange "bruises" and my hands have healed. I don't need to use the Bricanyl as much and when I do it provides the relief I need.

It might be the Seretide which is affecting you adversely. I have been reliably informed that others have reacted badly to this particular inhaler. Apparently, it's the type of steroid it contains. This might be worth raising with your doctor.

Hope this is helpful.

Hi, my life has been in turmoil since I got told I have allergic rhinitis with asthma, I had to have endoscopic surgery to remove polyps and open sinuses up. I sinus rinse, have a inhaler, use steroid sprays, sometimes antihistamines to sleep as I am congested. And now recently just trying to fight off a upper respiratory infection that's given me tonsillitis and and ear infection.

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