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Had an attack on New Year’s Day, first one in 20 years. Was admitted and given nebs, steroids and antibiotics, discharged home later that evening. Chest X-ray clear. Here I am a week later with no real progress. Seen go who prescribed me further steroids. Feeling totally wiped out. My peak flow was 350 on Friday, but still feeling as if I can’t catch my breath. Dr listened to my chest and said I had a wheeze but no cracking. Is it normal to still be feeling like this.

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I'd try giving yourself more time. A serious attack will make you feel weak for some time, and sometimes only looking after yourself (tho I much prefer someone looking after me!) will do. Fretting about it only makes it worse. Talk to the nurse at asthmauk for professional advice.


Thank you, patience is not one of my strengths. Usually just take ventolin if chest feels tight and off I go! Never expected to have the symptoms a week later. This group is amazing and makes me realise that I’m not alone in this.


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