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Asthma or not?? I don't know :(

Hi, I am on here to see if anyone has had the same problem as me I've had asthma my whole life I'm only 22 and I've only had a few asthma flare ups when I was really little over the past 10 years have been fine I've had no troubles with my asthma I have been a smoker since 17 so not long and I've quit cold turkey for a month now as I thought it would help with my breathing. About 2 and half months ago I started getting a tight chest mostly on the right side and I went to my gp he gave me steroids to take that helped then about 2 weeks later it came back again I have been using puffers and neb they don't work I can't sleep as when I lay down it's harder to breathe doctors have done scans blood test chest X-ray nothing comes up it's been so bad it's 24/7 I am having this chest tightness and feeling short of breath I really don't understand as I've never had this before and it's not going away I've tried absolutely everything I feel hopeless and feel that the doctors just think I'm making it up because there's no weezing just alot of pressure shortness of breath and tightness sometimes I think it's not my asthma it could be something else but I've had tests everything is clear so doctors are thinking its just asthma I never knew asthma could get this bad all of a sudden and last for months it's taking over my life I just want answers I can't even do house work with out getting puffed out and I have ocd I've always done alot of cleaning and never gotten puffed before. :(

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I'm absolutely no expert on this - this is just my humble opinion. You need to see someone who helps you with your ocd as the panic you are in is only making things worse. I suspect you find relaxing very difficult, but it is what you need to do. There is often a period when people feel much worse instead of better when they give up smoking, and you seem to be having it in a nasty way - still, don't go back to it.

Sleep with lots of pillows behind you and one under your knees so you are almost sitting up at night. You'll slide down eventually, but it might help.

Use eco products for cleaning. If you clean a lot you won't have much dust to bother you, but the chemicals may affect you. Unfortunately you can develop allergies to things at any age so you might want to see if you can be tested for any allergies, and you might have another form of COPD - but only a doctor can diagnose this. Keep in touch with your consultant but most of all, work at getting your anxiety under control. I really do know this is easier said than done, but I'm sure it will help.

Good luck!


You are right yes I do find it hard to relax and having the chest tightness does make me panic alot more I agree I do need to get my anxiety under control thankyou for your advice I will definitely try the extra pillows and get onto the anxiety situation asap!


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