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Annoying clear mucus

Hi everyone! Thanks for always giving me such awesome advice whenever I had a question.

About a month ago I had a cold. It was about the first time that it hasn't turned into a chest infection (possibly because I went to Greece where it was warm!). Since then I have had an issue with clear phlegm. My throat feels quite thick all the time. One of my ears is blocked and my breathing sounds a bit raspy, but otherwise peakflow is normal and I can move about as usual. Not coughing much at all, but throat does seem thick. Definitely not bad enough for steroids, but I remember I had the same problem six years ago after a lot of throat infections. The GP gave me a flixatoid inhaler to supplement my seretide.

Anyone got any ideas what I can ask for from the asthma nurse? Ever have this problem yourself? My nose also seems blocked a lot. I tried anti-histemine but it didn't do much.


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I think you should ask the asthma nurse to suggest something her/himself. Self diagnosing is a very unreliable way to do things. If you're not happy with the suggestion, see the GP. Make sure that after inhaling the medication you rinse your mouth thoroughly, gargle and swallow.

It might just clear up on its own eventually. Some things are not explained except as 'just one of those things'.


I’ve been given Carbocisteine to help thin out the thick phlegm, it’s not a wonder cure, but does help. Have a word with your health provider.



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