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Woman and Late onset Asthma

Dear fellow asthma sufferer,

my asthma developed literaly 1 day after the childbirth of my first son. I am 28 years old and never had asthma before. Now it is 11 month ago and I still have everyday asthma symptoms. I am on various inhaler, antihistamine and montelucast. I also have depression due to my illness and somehow I regret it to become a mother (but I really LOVE my son), because I had the feeling that my son has taken all my health away :( I was a very healthy person, now I need Meds everyday and still struggle day to day.

I have read studies that my asthma could be hormone related, but I do not notice a change before my period. I rather have the feeling, that I get more symptoms around my ovulation.

Anyone noticed a change in asthma using oral contraceptive? My doctor recommend this.

Anyone had similar experience like having suddenly asthma after pregnancy? Did it change at the time?

I really miss the times where I can breath freely...

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Hi Luinille

Sorry to hear your struggling with your asthma. We do hear from women being affected by hormones throughout their life including pregnancy. The most important thing is to get your asthma under control, so you could chat to one of our nurses or your GP. Please feel free to give our nurses team a ring on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm). There's some information on making a case for a specialist referral here: bit.ly/2wtblP3 which might be useful.

Take care,



Hi, I coughed all the way through my pregnancy and stopped the day i gave birth. I coughed again in my next pregnancy and then I went back on the pill and I am sure from memory I was ok. I then came off it and all I have done is coughed every day. I don't have so much breathing issues just the coughing. I believe i am probably perimenopause now and that's why i am coughing. I don't notice any changes before I am due either. I have read hormones can have an effect and I am tempted to try the pill for a month to see if I would improve. I. Feel the doctors do nothing and I have to work it out myself. I do hope you find a solution too. This would have happened whenever you had your gorgeous baby or not. Let's try hard to find the answer, i am sure hormones are my trigger.

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Hello, interesting what hormone changes can do! I will definetely try the pill and hope that I have better breathing issues! Although I had a pretty good pregnancy, that postpartum period now is horrible. I am scared to have another child, since i am now on meds everyday. Everyday I feel like crap. Sadly I have to admit, that I will not get my healthy body back, but I still hope that I can have a nearly symptomfree life with meds. I am reading so many medical studies, sometimes I think i become crazy!:(


You sound like me, reading lots about triggers and hormones. The only thing the doctor and nurse have said to me yes you results indicate asthma and that's it. Not what sort of asthma or helping me find my triggers, just left to my own devices so reading on the Internet has been useful. I have a hospital appointment in October so I am hoping for some more answers. I did take the pill this morning and thought why not try it for a month to see. I am sure life will become easier. I have two young ones and l am sure once you are ready you will have another xx

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Hi Luinille,

Something definitely happened to you at that time but don't give up the hope that you will find the answer. Keep looking. Keep reading or listening to the experiences of others and reading up information from medical guides. Hopefully soon you will be able to put one and one together and find a solution to your health. Sometimes it takes awhile but definitely don't give up hope. I wish you serendipitous luck in finding your answer.


Hi Tugun,

thank you so much for your answer. I still read a lot of medical pages and looking for similar experiences. Sometimes I think i am crazy, reading so much stuff... Hopefully someday I or the science coud find a solution.


Good Luck Luinille. You're doing the right thing by reading so much. You never know what bit of info will link with another bit of info. However don't worry if you need a break from the searching. It's also good just to live and enjoy the moment. I love the saying "Whatever time you have enjoyed wasting ....is not wasted time!"


Don't be too sure that you won't get your healthy body back. Ok, it won't be a quick fix, especially as you have your precious little one to see to, but medication is improving all the time and people do get better. Many of us have been on meds every day all our lives - you get used to it because they keep you well. Don't rush it, just enjoy your baby and try to look on the positive side whenever you can.


Thank you for your answer. I still hope the science is fast and finds the secret of asthma... Now you are right, I have to try to enjoy my life with my baby, although it is still difficult to not have these bad thoughts...

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