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Newly diagnosed with adult onset asthma - yawning a lot?

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Hi, I was diagnosed with adult onset asthma in February earlier this year. It came as a shock as I'm fit and well, exercise regularly and have no history of breathing problems either myself or in my family. I am now on two puffs morning and two puffs night of my preventer. So far I have not had to use my reliever.

Lately though, over the past month or so I have noticed I am yawning a lot, not through tiredness but it seems I yawn involuntarily to inhale deeply. This happens randomly but I think it has been increasing over the last couple of weeks. Is this something that other folk experience? Does it mean my Asthma is worsening or I am having a mild attack?

I should say so far, I don't think I've actually had an attack as such although I probably wouldn't know how to recognise one as I'm fairly newly diagnosed and I'm just starting to learn how to live with the condition.

Any thoughts from fellow sufferers would be appreciated.

Thank you.

5 Replies
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I’m not sure on this, but I think it is quite common - that and sighing- I’m a sigher 😁 I think it has something to do with getting oxygen in and carbon dioxide out.The best way to monitor your progress/function/whatever is to take your peak flow on a daily basis so you can see if you are on a slide. (You should also have an action plan giving you steps to take to push your flows up should you start dropping)

As for recognising if you are having attack - if it happens, you will know 😁

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There are lots of breathing exercises on the web - look at the Asthmauk site first - and they may well help you. You can give them a try, anyway!

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Sometimes we over breathe and can get into a disordered breathing pattern. A respiratory physio can help with breathing exercises to get back into the right rhythm. Sometimes less is more if you see what I mean.

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Have a look at the Buteyko breathing method clinic for information about yawning and sighing.

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Hello. 👋I'm also a newly diagnosed adult so I'm still learning about symptoms. I think many things I've had historically may well be asthma related, and repeated yawning is one of them.

I get random bouts of it occasionally where I yawn immediately after yawning - a dozen times in a row isn’t uncommon for me. It's not when I'm tired either.

I also get this weird thing (always when I'm relaxed, sitting and completely absorbed in a book or movie), where I get a sudden intake of breath happen - as if maybe I'd unconsciously been breathing too lightly and my body triggered a deep intake. Not sure how else to describe it.

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