Hi hope everyone doing well me not so good got steroids down to 30mg but not well so looks like they going back up been docs they gave me antibiotics to cover me and outed my steroid inhaler and has gave me a new one formoterol but not really helping still struggling so back off to docs at 3pm c what they think i'm on nebs as well can't cope

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  • Hello Tracey1972,

    I am so fortunate, I am down to 160 micrograms per day - 1 inhalation of Symbicort 100/6 morning and evening BUT I have had to introduce an Oxis inhaler to get enough formoterol, just 1 inhalation in the morning. Keep going, Pete

  • Sorry your not doing so well. I got down to 25 this morning to be seen by my asthma nurse and told to put them back to 40 as peak flows down to less than 50% and had lots of salbutamol. X

  • Seen doc said my bottom right lung very wheezy that's the one I had ammonia on and the one that collapsed after my thermoplasty put steroids back up to 40mg and said gets no better got ring for ambulance x

  • Ah that's not good. Hopefully pred will help. I may well end up in a&e this evening too. X

  • Oh dear Tracey, I do hope things improve for you soon.

    Take very great care.

    God be with you.

  • I was diagnosed with chest infection and am on steroids and antibiotics but feeling much better now. I hope you also feel better soon and let us know how you got on with nurse xxxxx

  • Steroids back up to 40mg said my right lung bottom very wheezy she said if get to bad 999

  • I hope the steroids kick in quick like they did with me. Do not hesitate to call an ambulance if you get worse. Lots of love and get well soon xxx

  • I don't know what to say, other than get yourself to hospital sooner, as you know what the weekend can be like. I have spent today at Addenbrookes seeing the Immunotherapy and Respiratory joint clinic, and learning how to inject myself with haemoglobulin antibodies. I injected myself 3 times and now have three more lumps on my stomach to go with the rest of the fatty Lumps there. The training went well, and the extra lumps will go down in the next 24 hours. My Asthma is more under control, down to 25mg Prednisolone. Long may it last.

  • Well done for getting down that low I new I was going to have problems when they said about lower them down from 40mg I hoping the steroids going back up and regular nebs it will sort itself out sorry to hear u having trouble with everything else hope u get it sorted out x

  • I thought you were already trying that last week? Please look after yourself and don't leave it too late, you don't want more permanent damage to your lungs. Thinking of you.

  • So sorry. How did the Doctors go?

  • Steroids back up to 40mg said my right lung bottom very wheezy she said if get to bad 999

  • How are you doing? I've just. Been admitted. Looks like I have at least 3 days here so I'm told. X

  • I hope you don't have to. Please take care. Thinking of you.

  • Thanks I don't want to either need to get better got my operation on the 4th for my arm. X

  • I hope everything calms down, and that you can have your op. Thinking of you.

  • Hi Tracey1972,

    How are you feeling? I experienced a very bad situation like you before now.But for the past two weeks now that l abstain from foods containing salicylate acid and got my preventer reviewed to sere tide, God has made my asthma to improve to a point that l have not had a single attack for two weeks after l was discharged from hospital.No use of nebuliser.Because l used to use nebuliser more than 3or4times daily.

    Therefore, l suggest that you read on Internet about foods containing the acid and avoid them.Your asthma can greatly improve.Breatheeze wrote about it to me and l think every asthmatic should consider it worthwhile to read and apply to their asthma especially if using good medication and asthma is worsening.

    Nevertheless, see your doctor ASAP.

    l pray to God to heal you.

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