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Asthma/copd ?about inhalers

hi πŸ™‹ I'm new, iv had plurecy and phnmonia 4or5 times growing up im now 30and the recent bout of plurecy I had a bad chest infection ontop, after a few sessions on steroids and antibiotics it finally went away and I was left not being able to breath and kept catching chest infection which led to more antibiotics and steroids till 1day recently panicked an phoned an ambulance πŸš‘ they took me to a n e where I stayed for 3days they took a scan of my chest and they put me on the ventilator, they got to the bottom of it and told me I had asthma/copd and I freaked as I'm basically watching c.o.p.d kill my mother at the moment she refuses to give up smoking tho I have stoped from that first day in hospital,they gave me a blue inhaler and also this inhaler that changed my life with one dose in the morning just one sook of relvar eliptar a powered inhaler, last week I just finished it and had to go a few days without until today as the doctors surgery missed my prescription and then they couldn't find if on file from hospital πŸ₯ all that palaver so they have giving me a inhaler that's the similar to the one I had but its to be take two puffs twice a day and its not powered its like my blue one I looked it up and its dearer for the other one but it helped me so much and I took it once, how can I get my doctors to give me the one I got from hospital algtho it can cause me to have phumonia ???

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Hi clara30, I too have Asthma/COPD have had Asthma just about 30yrs (I was 30 when it started) and was diagnosed with COPD nearly 3yrs ago now. My COPD is Emphysema. I have a fostair inhaler a spiriva capsule inhaler and a ventolin inhaler (blue) for rescue, I also take montelukast tab 1a day. M sorry to read about your mum, but you at least have stopped smoking (as did I). This is our best chance of slowing the COPD down. As for the inhaler the hospital gave you they usually give you the best one available at the time from them, but as often as not our GP prescribes a cheaper equivalent as it's a long term med from them and not a one off. All you can do is go back and see the Doc and speak to him about it and try to persuade him to change you back onto the original one. I wish you luck x

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