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Not Asthma-Related - Coeliac?

So I had a load of blood tests done recently: the abnormal ones being my Vitamin D3, and iron-related things (TIBC, FBC, etc.) but I've also had a raised neutrophil count for a while even when I have no signs of infection.

I also had a coeliac screen done. I haven't had the results of these show up on my patient app yet, but I have a referral to immunology I was 100% not expecting.

I do have coeliac-like symptoms, and I will call my GP surgery on Monday to see what they say but is there anything else I mentioned that was abnormal which would necessitate a referral to immunology? Because the only thing I can think of would be the coeliac screen :|

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So sorry we can't help - only your qualified medics can answer this! Best of luck with the GP on Monday.


I've just been diagnosed with auto immune disease aftet being admitted to A & E with dangerous high iron levels & liver under severe distress. Home now on steroids for forseable & possibly an immune suppression drug depending on how my liver responds. Good luck


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