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For the first time I spent 4 nights in hospital due to an asthma attack. I arrived in hospital on Tuesday evening by ambulance. I was then treated in A&E. I was then moved to an observation ward for the night.

However, my chest did not settle and I continued to need nebs throughout the night. Therefore, they made the decision to move me to a respiratory ward on Wednesday.

I then deteriorated throughout the night and needed back to back nebs. This did not really help and I ended up with a magnesium IV.

Over the next couple of days I got better and was finally discharged today. However, I'm scared that it will happen again. I'm scared that I won't make it to my exams because of my asthma.

To make it worse I have also found ou that I have Vocal Cord Dysfunction. This is pretty similar to asthma with its symptoms but slightly higher up in the chest. Also to make it worse for me both of these can trigger the other one for me.

They've kept me on the same medication that I was on when I was admitted which also scares me because of that couldn't control it before I was in hospital how can it control it now.

I was on ventolin nebs, atrovent nebs and Prednisolone. They've discharged me with 5 days of 40mg Prednisolone.

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  • Hi I'm sorry to hear your asthmas so bad right not. Have you booked an appointment to see your Gp after your hospital admittance? You could raise your concerns about being kept on the same medications with your doctor. Also I'm in a similar situation with my exams also upcoming :/ you should contact your school/ uni and explain your situation you might be able to get special consideration for your exams as long as you provide evidence to show you were in the hospital. You could also speak to a teacher or someone about the concerns you have over your exams they might be able to offer you more advice

  • Right now*

  • I was only discharged this afternoon so I haven't had a chance to book an appointment with my GP yet. I do have a consultant at the hospital which I received treatment at and it was his idea to leave me on my current medication.

  • Sorry to hear you had it so bad. Is there a reason you were not on corticosteroids like Qvar or Flovent before? Is it straight asthma or do you have something else as well?

  • I take Fostair 100/6 2 puffs twice a day, Montelukast 10mg at night and Loratadine 10mg in the morning regularly.

    I just found out that I also have Vocal Cord Dysfunction.

  • No Ventolin? Have you ever been on a non-combination ICS like Qvar or Flovent? I'm just curious to find out why several people post about Fostair but no rescure inhaler (Ventolin or generics)

  • Sorry I forgot to say I also have Ventolin

  • Good to hear you have Ventolin, I'd take that for rescue. Try to switch to different combination ICS+LABA like Advair, Breo or many others. Try different delivery systems - some people do better on powder others on HFA. It's very personal I find powder irritates me but others do so much better. But whatever you don't stop until you have the new dose in your hands, you never know it may just be building up.

  • A tough time you have had. Plus extra information of a new diagnosises no wonder you feel blindsided. Your consultant left you on the same medication then I think you have to trust him.

    5 days of standard prenisolone that's normal. The advice here to talk to your university stop on. They do have things in place for illness in exams and before hand. Please be assured of that.

    As for your hospital admission extra a very emotional time for you too. Ring asthma UK helpline tomorrow for a chat. They are there for your mental health too. Talking it through with a nurse will I know calm your fears. Lastly be kind to yourself and take it easy. I hope and pray that youcan come to tterms with all that happen here. I pray for continued healing of your lungs. God bless.

  • I too have vocal cord dysfunction, I stopped taking seretide as read a lot of feedback from people saying made them cough and broncho spasms.

    I do feel better without it already. So perhaps speak to your specialist about your choice of inhalers and the vcd. Inhalers are a big vcd irritant - but of course needed for the asthma. Vicious circle :(

    Speech therapy is a must for vcd, and speak to doctor if Botox therapy would helpful in your case.

    Take care x

  • i developed asthma about 5 years ago and to be honest its not overly bad or particularly good at present your first trip to hospital was a shock mine was have now gone twice in 4 years last one over a year ago but the flu generally is the one that beats me i spent 4 days in hospital , there is no cure as i see a specialist now 4 times a year breath tests done pulmonery test done no great results as of yet remain calm tough it out, and when u feel bad go get some steroid tablets from your doctor there great being calm and breathing is every thing My gp tells me i have people way worse than u but they never went to hospital his advice unpredictable mind yourself if it gets too much go to the ER.

    it can kill you but stay calm learn your limits, and when it feels too much go to hospital I am on symbicort 400 and have ventolin rarely take the vent, got a dose of steroids 2 weeks ago felt really bad feel good now , alergic to cats ,

    he wants to change my inhaler as my asthma doc says i should be better that i am. read all the inhalers and stuff may cause this that and the other and wait for it ASTHMA

    confused alot of the time

  • Hi Jems1995,

    It sounds like you've had a scary time recently, do keep taking the regular medication you've been prescribed, there's information on VCD and Asthma already covered in the thread that's on our website bit.ly/2rr2NW2. As already suggested, please do give our nurses helpline a call to talk through how you're feeling, you can reach them on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

    Take care, Dita

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