At a loss: Update

Well if you read my previous post, Ive been having some odd symptoms... mostly tight chest and breathless. I thought it may be the Becotide as Ive never really got on with it, its given me some odd side effects in the past namely Sinusitis and a sore throats.

I was in the South of Spain last week with all these issues, didn't feel right.. well it seems to have transpired that my chest infection I had a month ago was not entirely cleared up, and I assume the bacteria were merely breeding again until it could mount a full attack. Little Bas***ds!

Im currently off work with another chest infection with gunk, mild sinusitis and asthma. Im on a new set of 'different' antibiotics Levofloxacin and have been given Seretide to replace Becotide. I started the antibiotics yesterday and will start the Seretide today. Hopefully this will get this all under control as Im feeling as weak as a kitten and breathless still....

I normally get over these little infections fairly quickly but this one has lingered for over a month now.

Question: has anyone experience with Seretide Good or Bad?

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  • Oh no! Just what you want to hear when on holiday 😒😩!! (The little buggers like to holiday in my sinuses so I can understand your pain!)

    Think I had seretide at some point as a teen- had no real side effects from what I remember tho it was a long time ago and I wasn't on it for too long (2-3 months maybe?) cause it wasn't strong enough for me to control my symptoms at the time...

    Hope that helps (though it isn't too much). Hopeful someone will get back to you with a bit more.

    Fingers crossed that you start to feel better soon, and that the antiBs and seretide do the job! Thinking of you xxx 🤞🍀

  • Thanks Emma for your support and comments.

  • I use Seretide 250 two puffs twice a day. After my asthma got worse in November 2015( first asthma attack) I was on it for the winter after that. I went off of it to Flixoide last spring/summer back on in autumn/winter 16-17. Presently still on it as I was unable to step down 3/4 wks ago. Although this is an old and more expensive combination inhaler it has keep me well since December. I also take Monkelaust 10 mg and ompelazore for acid reflux.

    It will take time to kick into your system about 2 wks. I looked up Becotide and that was a preventer and has been discontinued. Seretide as you know is a combination inhaler with Corticosteroids and Long-Acting Bronchodilators.

    The thing you have to remember is that it takes 15/20 mins to start working. So in the winter when its cold I don't go outside til after this time.

    For me its my inhaler of choice. I was offer newer inhalers using disc but I am not very good at taking my inhaler without an evohaler. My asthma nurse was happy to leave me on it. I trusted her completely (20 years experience) She left but now I have a new set of asthma nurse to build a relationship with.

    I hope and pray your chest settles down soon.

  • Thank you elanaoali

  • I think for me the triple whammy of chest infection, sinus infection and my previous 'mild' now worse asthma has knocked me for 6 (a cricket term for our none UK readers). I've been well with asthma for a few years now and have clearly forgotten my childhood asthma experiences which my mother remembers well. I just hope this new medicine combination beats back my current symptoms....

  • I'm on Seretide 500 twice a day and also Spiriva. No side effects that I know of. I've been coughing badly for years and have seemed to be worse lately so when I discovered one of the GPs has an interested in respiratory medicine, I started to go to her. Eventually she sent me for a CT scan which shows mild bronchiectasis. I did some sputum tests and had an appropriate anti-biotic and I am hopeful because I have felt hungry a couple of times in the last few days. I had lost my appetite and have lost half a stone this year.

    The GP referred me to a lovely respiratory consultant who turned her back on her computer and looked at me.

    I have had a barrage of blood tests and am having more sputum tests. A chest x-ray was clear.

    All in all, I feel I am now being extremely well treated by the NHS and will have another appointment with the consultant in three months. I am just hoping that all the blood tests and sputum tests are o.k.

  • Best of luck Sheila and thanks.

  • I was on Seretide for a few years, but (perhaps of relevance to you) my consultant recently took me off it. Her reason was that it reduced the effectiveness of the immune system/increased susceptibility to infection. Her view was that it's a very good inhaler, but if you are prone to infections then you're best off it. She did have a very scientific discussion with the registrar as to why I personally needed to change, which I can't recall (primarily because I didn't understand a word of it). However, it might be worth bearing in mind if your problem persists.

  • Thanks Minushabens, I'll keep an eye on my infections... Ive been clear of them for some years.

  • I have had to be placed on seretide too before for exacerbation of asthma but I notice that as soon as I use it, I get very breathless so had to be off it. Once I have a chesttghtness which i often do have, just use ventolin tabs, aminophylline tab, loratadine/prednisolone or I take intravenous injections aminophylline & hydrocortisone. I study my body well & know when I need them

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