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Hi all

I was diagnosed with Asthma back in 2001 after taking 2 nurofen for cold and flu and had an asthma attack ( never had one before ). I was in hospital for 3 days. My asthma has always been under control. The last few days I have had an awful cough and coughing up greeny/yellow phlem and saw the doctor for something else and ended coming home with antibiotics and steriods. Am feeling rough.

I am new to the site

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Welcome, & I hope you soon feel better.

At this stage, it sounds like the GP has acted quickly & done the right thing. Hopefully, with the medication, you'll soon pick up. Do you have a set of inhalers as well?

If the phlegm doesn't clear up soon, it may be worth getting a sputum sample done, just to check that the antibiotics are the correct ones.

And I'm sure you know by now, don't touch ibuprofen!


Hi yes I have inhalers too, Ventolin and Qvar. The Doctor suggested I use Qvar 4 times in the morning and 4 times at night.

I hope everything clears up, I am due to fly out to Spain next week.

I haven't touched ibuprofen since and I don't want to risk having to go back to hospital again.



Hi welcome hope your feeling better xx


Hi asthmatics and copd sufferers should stay away from ibruprofen dont know why it does but makes breathing worse hope you get better soon xx


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