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Just been diagnosed with asthma. Had no idea I even had asthma until took the flu which went deep into my chest and ended up with bronchitis, still suffering! Have been put on Fostiar 200 2 puffs morn/evening. Also have post nasal drip too.

Been on puffer 8 days, how long does it take to relieve chest tightness, working slightly. Respiratory infection has made me breathless on walking for last 2 weeks so scary.

Anyone got any advice. Can hardly walk very far just now. Doc has given me a months line from work


16 Replies
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Hi Lizzie,

Building up your immune system might help. An interesting New Zealand news/magazine program is worth a look. It's old but good (about 15 minutes). Google New Zealand Swine Flu Vitamin C.

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Morning! Don't panic, you will get better. Check your inhaler technique, (online video) and if you don't have a spacer, get one from the chemist. You have time off work for good reason - you need to relax as far as possible - listen to music or whatever you like to do to be calm. It will take time to get welll and you cannot rush it, so give in to being an invalid for a bit! You should also have a blue inhaler which will help you feel better temporarily. You'll be fine in the end, I'm sure.

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Lizzy54 in reply to ChrissieMons

Aaah thanks! just some words of encouragement definitely keeps you boosted. Yes, off for a reason, time to slow it down a bit.



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Hi Lizzie. I was told that inhalers can take upto a month to fully get into your system and you start to see the benefits. I know its a massive shock but you will get better soon. I was told 3 years ago i had severe copd but I am still doing well and not getting worse. You can look up on YouTube. Pulmonary rehabilitation exercises. And start doing simple tasks to help you regain some fitness gradually. Good luck and keep in touch because we are all friendly and helpful on this group. Brian

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Lizzy54 in reply to Bingo88

Hi Brian, thanks for getting in touch.

Just want to feel well and get back on track. Winter time the worst time for me ever.


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Bingo88 in reply to Lizzy54

We all need a holiday in the sunshine in winter. Take care Brian

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Sorry you're feeling so poorly. Has your GP suggested a nasal spray for your post-nasal drip?

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Lizzy54 in reply to Lorcas_15

Hi there have nasal spray but feel it does not really work that great, perhaps a time thing!. Steroids helping to try up excess mucus.

Just feel zonked all the time


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Hugs. It's scary when you first get a diagnosis! You will get there though. It takes a while for the maintenance inhaler to get things under control, so don't be scared to use your reliever inhaler when you need to.

It will take time to get over your chest infection, but do make another appointment if things aren't improving within a few weeks. You might have more success seeing the asthma nurse than the GP - I know I have!

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Lizzy54 in reply to Mandevilla

Yes it is scary, mind been working overtime.

Off work just now, so time to take it easy and rest.

Its good to be able to chat with people about this, big time!



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Take it easy,give your meds time to work and your lungs to heal,it may take a while for the full effect to take place. A bit of gentle walking round the house ,slowly increased,fresh air,will help get you more mobile.Try not to push it too much or may set yourself back.Softly,softly.Watch the telly!😀

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Lizzy54 in reply to fraid

Yes think that is a plan. When you try to do too much makes me so fatigued. Thanks for your input.


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Hi Lizzy. Sorry to hear that you're so unwell.

Fostair will take 8 weeks to be fully effective, but you should start to feel a difference around weeweek 4. Technique is crucial; breath right out using diaphragm, then sharp breath in activating the inhaler, keeping shoulders down and expanding rib cage and diaphragm, hold breath for at least 5 seconds and then exhale slowly. Wait and repeat. Then make sure you rinse thoroughly and brush teeth if possible. You may wish to have a high fluoride toothpaste in order to protect the teeth enamel from the steroids in the inhaler. Oral B Densify is new on the market so that may be worth trying.

Taking nasal sprays is also technique dependent. This video by an NHS consultant is very useful on the subject of nasal sprays. youtu.be/LOhmsn4gQMM

Never hesitate in going back to your doctor after a few weeks on a new medication if it's not meeting your expectations. Sometimes we need additional help, such as oral steroids and/or antibiotics in order to get over a bad asthma flare up or a virus that has developed into a bacterial infection. Sometimes it may just be a matter of tweaking your current medication doseage. Asthma requires monitoring and additional treatments at times, so early intervention is always best.

Hope you feel better soon, but in the meantime, take it easy.

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Thank you so much for this!. For a starter not using inhaler correctly as was not breathing out first. Use a chamber for puffer as easier to breath in.

This was so helpful to me!



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This is how I got my asthma 15 years ago, too -- a viral pneumonia that went into my lungs. Moving to a dry desert climate immediately resolves all symptoms, but there are not many jobs in the desert. Currently taking Xolair (after having trying every inhaler and pill on the market).

Understanding one's triggers takes time and patience.

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Sorry to hear that but welcome to the forum! I had mild asthma from age 7 but getting swine flu at 23 made it very much not mild and way harder to deal with - flu is a beast! My immune system is pretty good and I don't catch things that often but when I do, my lungs really hate it!

Agree with others that it takes a bit of time for preventers to work, but do go back to the doctor if you need to. There's a Q&A session this Wednesday evening on here with the in-house doctor at Asthma + Lung UK if you have any specific questions: healthunlocked.com/asthmalu...

Or you can talk to the asthma nurses any time: - 0300 222 5800 M-F 9-5 or WhatsApp - 07378 606728.

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