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Feeling rubbish again

Had a visit to the emergency doctor today, been feeling really poorly since Friday. I spoke to my surgery asthma nurse on the phone because I couldn't get to them and she prescribed me some antibiotics as I had a temperature and a very painful productive cough. Yesterday was terrible coughing, feeling sick, chest pain so I took my meds and went to bed. I woke this morning feeling no better so I rang 111, shall I send a paramedic? NOOO I replied if I thought I needed that I would have gone to A&E so I went and sat (and sat and sat) at the out of hours. Well I was given some nebulisers by the nurse... at home I have salbutamol nebs and she gave me ventolin, now the doctor told me they're both the same but the difference in how I felt after it is incredible has anyone else found there's a difference between these two (supposedly the same) medication?

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I have ,but never thought much about.xx😊


They are the same drug. They may have given you a different dosage nebule, 5 instead of the normal 2.5 ml?


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