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Another on uniphyllin

Had anyone started on more than 200mg twice a day initially.

If you did how long before they increased the dose same week or within days?

Did you only see benefits on higher doses?

How long before you noticed any benefits if any?

I've been on every inhaler, xolair and spiriva respimat and found that 200mg twice daily does nothing.

I'm larger person, was a nurse, aware of blood tests and toxicity.

How long afterwards did you decide to remain on it or stop it and if like me you've been on everything even permanent steroids what was the next stage for you?

I was working until 2 years ago and now can't manage the stairs!!

Thanks 😊

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I started in 200mg for a week...then 300mg! My blood was tested a month later and my consultant said I needed more because I was just in the therapeutic range! Upped to 400 - now range is blood is spot on! Not sure that body size isnt the biggest factor. The normal adult dose is 300mg. I'm not huge (a uk 14) so my consultant assumed 300 would be right for me! He did say tho that different people absorb it differently! He says he's got chunky men on 300mg and slight women on 300mg!!

Ask for your blood to be check!! I only really noticed a difference once I was on 400mg!!

Hope this helps!

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Have you found it helps as I've tried myself on it twice now and found I was much more wheezey and tight. Same with the spiriva respimat. I've not been controlled for many years even with Xolair for 3 years, recently stopped. I'm a nurse myself and can't work and just want to. Be able to work again. I'm 55 and larger than you lol. X

Thanks for replying though. Next step was a bronchial thermoplasty to ask about that.

I've been on every inhaler, combo type but my allergy level Ige is over 2000 and I think I might be allergic to something in it.

Thanks hope it helps, wish it helped me 😢


Once I was in 400mg I final felt like I could breathe!! It was a life changer for me...sounds like you need a higher does!


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I take aminophylline 250mg twice daily my blood test shows this is fine for me even though it is a low dose. I have found it be be a wonder drug and has really helped with my asthma cough. It is an old fashioned drug but I find it very good.

I hope it helps you to


Hi Lejaya why aminophylline and not theophylline??

I used to get aminophylline injections as a kid when I had an attack but don't think I'll carry on with theophylline as I'm thinking I'm allergic to it.

I'm 55 now and it's worse than ever in years. X


Hey I don't no why it's just what my cons gave me

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