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Please speak to your GP or an asthma nurse if you are seeking medical advice about your asthma

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Hi everyone,

We've seen an increase in the volume of people asking for medical advice via these forums, as well as an increased number of reported posts along the same subject. We wanted to step in an re-iterate some of our guidelines regarding the forum.

Asthma UK's forums are for debate and discussion. They are not a suitable place to obtain medical advice in place of consulting a medical professional. If you feel unwell or need advice, help should be obtained from one of the following sources:

- Your local GP service - either your surgery, or, if closed, the local out-of-hours centre; some regions also have NHS Walk-In Centres

- The Asthma UK Helpline on 0300 222 5800. Our lines are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and is staffed by asthma nurse specialists. They will be able to give you advice specific to your triggers, medications, and any other aspects of your asthma that are unique to you. Calls to the Helpline are charged at a local rate. Calling the Helpline should cost no more than any 01 or 02 number, and will count towards any inclusive minutes in a phone contract.

- If you would rather email than call our nurses, you can do so via this contact form:

- Asthma UK also offers guidance on asthma in the Health Advice section of our websiote located here:

- In an emergency, dial 999 for an ambulance, or by going to your local Accident & Emergency department.

Opinions expressed in the forums are users' own, not those of Asthma UK, and are in no way a substitute for medical advice.

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Great thank you! Still I expect those people don't get answers from their GPs or Asthma nurse or don't get referred as they should.

We are noticing this increase as we read headlines of the NHS in disarray..

So no surprise if we have more inquiries..

But thank you for setting things straight Hugh 😊



Well said Hugh and thank you very much for posting this. It's very wearing when anyone keeps posting the same questions again and again even when we have all told them it is beyond the remit of this site and to seek medical assistance. x

Some very valid points but from my own experience people post on these forums because many GP's do not understand asthma - it's a case of "here's an inhaler" and they are sent on their way.

It has taken me two years of mithering to establish my sinuses are causing my asthma.

in reply to Brenviking

I understand what you are saying but this is very different to people keep asking the same questions over and over expecting us to give not general advice but medical advice and not listening to any of the answers! x

Useful advice, however many people find that they do not get sensible advice from the medical profession. I agree one should seek advice from a doctor. But many doctors know nothing about muscular behaviour or the physics of breathing or even that the inhalers may decide to stop working and thus needs changing to something else.

People need to advice of many eyes and many peoples experience. This helps people spot errors made by GPs and consultants.


And I am sure everyone here is happy to share experiences, but as Hugh said we can't diagnose anyone on this site, only give our advice and experiences. This is what he is saying. x

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