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Hi everyone hope all well it's snowing here in Wiltshire and very cold , well started to reduce the steriods down today from 60mg to 55 not a lot but my chest feeling chesty already this is going to b fun , off to London rbh on the 13th February for the iv hydrocortisone again hopefully it will do some good this time , seen a dermatologist yesterday about my hair falling out and said my blood showed I have a iron and mineral deficiency so more tablets for iron and injections for the minerals took more blood to check sulphates and other stuff what fun well stay safe and warm

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Well you must stay in the warm and if you have to go out make sure you wrap up well as it is so cold out there. It is good you are cutting down on the steroids as it is probably them that are causing a lot of problems. Take care and lots of love xxxx


Stay warm Tracey in this cold snowy weather


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