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Flared up chest

Hi I am on my final day of second 5day course of pred. Before Christmas I had a 4 week cold. Then with all the stress of Christmas my asthma flared right up and I started pred between Christmas and new year. At the very end of the first course I ate stupidly and had anaphylaxis, nebbed, started second course of pred. I spoke to my GP the next day and he said to finish the pred, keep up all my meds and come in if I got any worse. Thing is I am not any worse but not really any better. Peak flow is varying through the day between 160 and 320, my best in a while is 430 tho it used to be more. I am doing ok if I don't do much but am coughing and wheezing at every least thing. I am very tired, my chest muscles are aching and I'm very bored of my own complaining...

Thing is I am not any worse. Just not any better. I usually take revlar elipta, zafirlukast, fexofenadine, omeprazole. I am using the nebuliser in the morning to get pf up before I do my revlar ellipta. I think I'm just run down (and very mumpy) any ideas what I should try? I have more steroid tablets to start tomorrow but not feeling too keen on taking them.

Sorry for moaning xxx

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I'm so sorry that you're feeling poorly.

It might be worth contacting your Asthma Nurse tomorrow and see what they recommend.


Defo go to docs or asthma nurse!!

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i seem to be on the same roller coaster as you hon hang in there and go back if no improvement the same is not better x

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I saw the nurse on Friday. She has me on the nebuliser 3 times a day til the flare up settles down. On day 3 and this seems to be working although I'm feeling shaky I'm coughing less 😊

I have my GP in a fortnight.

Hope that your asthma settles down.

Take care xxx

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