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Went for my asthma review this morning,breathing still not great after steroids and antibiotics said to nurse I really didn't want to go on more steroids and she agreed with me , so trying a new inhaler fostair 200/6. She wants me to use it with an aero chamber mask. Back to see her in a month to see if there's any improvement so fingers crossed..... happy new year to you all 🎉🍾

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  • I hope you start to feel better soon.

  • Thank you

  • Yes give it a try, the aerochamber helps a lot. Take care Lyn xx

  • I had a bad chest infection which saw me going into the hospital for 5 days. I'm on steroids and lowering the dose now but the nurse has changed me to fostair as well. I m not sure about it yet but giving a go as I've been so bad this year. Let's hope 2017 is better for us all!

  • I agree aero chambers are really good for taking your inhaler. I hope and pray you feel better soon.

  • Hi i have noticed that a lot of people are being changed to fostair steroid inhaler good luck.

    I have also read that it is important to use the air chamber and wrinse you mouth with water or mouth wash to save getting thrush

    Loraine x

  • Fostair is being prescribed because it is more potent and the finer particles mean that it gets further into your lungs!! Hope it makes a difference!


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