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I started coughing more than usual on Monday but as I was away seeing family I couldn't get to my GP till Thursday. Thankfully he had the sense to immediately start me on antibiotics- Amoxycillen 500mg and steroids- can't remember dose offhand but I take 6 tablets in am for 5 days as he said I was wheezing a lot.

It seems that I was brewing a cold which kickstarted things but the cold only manifested on Thursday. Nearly every time I breathe out I wheeze/squeak!! when I turn in bed, or talk I have a really rattly cough and I can't sleep- hence this post. My peak flow has dropped by 15%. My reliever inhaler doesn't seem to make much difference. Problem is, as they're still trying to figure out why I'm still having asthma symptoms, I have not been given an asthma attack plan as my inhalers have been changed several times since being diagnosed over a year ago which is rather worrying. Any ideas?!

I was on a similar regime of abx and steroids time last year but I can't remember feeling quite so unwell...

I'm on Sirdupla 2 puffs twice daily, (which is max dose ); ventolin; Omeprazole & Vitamin D as my levels were negligible.

I have had a walking test/ methacholine challenge test recently and am going for a laryngoscopy next month- initially had been booked as a bronchoscopy but subsequently changed. Cxr about 18 months ago was clear.

Thankfully I'm off work till the 28th, though at present I don't think I'll be able to go back owing to the nature of my work.

I am also grateful my hubby and I don't have any folks coming for dinner on Christmas Day- that was taken care of on Wednesday! - so I'm not under any pressure that way either though I miss the rest of my family living in N.I...

Anyway, enough from me. I trust you're doing ok out there and that you and your loved ones have a very happy Christmas,

Flossie ☺ xx

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I hope you start to feel better soon.

Enjoy the festivities.

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Hi Flossie sometimes just going away triggers things, especially at this time of year... keep warm xx

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Sorry Fran. I didn't mean to ignore your post- I just can't access emails on my phone at present and the computer is in our bedroom which's a bit too cold to sit in...

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Don't worry Flossie just hope you feel better soon xx


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