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Mannitol Challenge Testing

Hey guys,

Kind of a weird question, but does anyone know whether you can induce a false-negative result on the mannitol challenge test by using a short-acting inhaler beforehand? I just think I will struggle not to use it for the few hours before the test, but I really don't want to affect the result :(

Has anyone used one prior to the test? What was your experience? Did you have a negative result?

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Hi I have never heard of this test but you should have been told whether or not to use your inhaler first. They may so no but if you really struggle without it then you need to use it and tell them when you go for it. x


Hi there, You should have been given instructions before the test. Very often you may be asked not to use inhalers for between 12 hours and 24 hours before the test. Your doctor should have given instructions. If you are unwell, you must use your inhaler(s). You should call the doctors office / hospital and tell them the situation. They may want to postpone the test. I have had the Metacholine challenge test a few times, which is similar, you want to be in good shape before having these tests as they induce marked asthma which they then reverse with nebulized salbutamol. I have always felt unwell for days after the tests. However they do their job, and are often used if you are joining a clinical trial.


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