Flutiform v. Seretide

Have had a persistent flair up of asthma symptoms for the last three months following a severe chest infection which was treated with a course of antibiotics and steroid tablets alongside my usual 2x250 Seretide morning and evening. This was then increased to 2x500 twice a day as well as the addition of Montelukast tablets due to ongoing symptoms and very fluctuating peak flow readings. Saw asthma nurse for a check up after two weeks of Montelukast tablets today. She was not happy with peak flow and number of times I'm experiencing symptoms and has changed the Seretide to Flutiform 250x2 twice a day. Does anyone have experience of these inhalers and how they compare?

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  • I can only comment on my experience i was on seretide 500 and swaped to flutiform (due to stepping down ) and did not find this effective am now on spiromax which i find much better also on montelukast hope this helps take care

  • Thanks - will have to see how I get on.

  • I use flutiform 250... found this inhaler one of the best steroid based one.

    Hope it helps

  • Great - thanks

  • I was changed from Seretide to Flutiform and haven't noticed any difference. I don't really know what the difference is between the two, I understand Flutiform is cheaper!

  • I am also on Flutiform 250, Montelukast and Spirava Respimat. I find this combination works well most of the time, and am allowed to temporarily increase Flutiform from 2 puffs, twice a day, to 3 puffs twice a day if my asthma flares up. I've been on Flutiform for a few yrs, Montelukast a couple, and Spiriva for 1 yr. since being on Spiriva I have not had to have oral steroids at all.

  • I started Spirava recently and it has helped.

  • I was on seretide about 6 years ago. It stopped keeping me well and I had numerous flare ups, but only short. 4 years ago I got put on Symbicort 200. It has been fantastic. (Although just coming out of a big flare up now so on the 400 version) I don't have experience of the others. Interestingly they did try me on seravent but I had terrible shakes and palpitations with it.

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